Teacher No Longer Allowed To Teach Kindergarten Class After Getting Eyeballs Tattooed Black | 22 Words

A teacher who is covered head to toe in tattoos has been told he can no longer teach his kindergarten class.

After the uproar he decided to take things to the other extreme and show us what he'd look like without all that ink, getting a makeup artist to turn back the clock, and the result is shocking.

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Tattoos have become a means of expression...

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And millions of people worldwide enjoy expressing themselves through this beautiful art.

A tattoo is totally unique to the individual...

And it all depends on what this individual likes or how they want to present themselves.

Tattoos were initially seen as something only punks and alternative people would get...

But today in 2020, everyone now has a tattoo, including the rich and famous.

More and more people are getting experimental with their ink...

And a person's tattoos can truly define them... such as our beloved Post Malone, who is famous for his facial tattoos.

But of course...

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Not all tattoos are to everyone's taste.

Some tattoos are considered extreme or offensive...

Especially those that are very big and very exposed.

And it goes without saying...

All tattoos come with their physical risks and if they aren't looked after properly, serious infections can be caused.

So one can only imagine the risks of tattooing every single part of your body.

Tattooing is only really done on the skin, but some people can take things to the extreme until they're basically unrecognizable.

The extreme lengths one man went for his tattoos, cost him his job...

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As a kindergarten teacher.

Sylvain Helaine, from France, claims his body is "100% tattooed", including the recent addition of his eyes and tongue!

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He lost his job teaching under 6s, as a parent told the school their child was scared of him.

The thirty-five-year-old wasn't sacked but moved to a higher age group.

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He now teaches children from the age of 6 and above.

Two months after the parent informed the school...

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He was told by the local school authorities that they couldn't let him carry on teaching that age group.

Sylvain, who is a model and performer calling himself "Freaky Hoody" said: "The Inspection Académique no longer wanted me to go work in kindergarten to avoid receiving letters of complaint."

"They [Inspection Académique] didn't want to rock the boat, and wanted to avoid parents from complaining about my appearance."

He went on: "My appearance is not an obstacle on a daily basis, because I think I am a good teacher and do my best at my job and progress from year to year."

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"It is a problem for some people, but rarely, it is one parent in 1,000, and they are parents of children that I do not have in class."

Adding: "With the parents of the children I have in class, everything is going well. With the children too, once the surprise is over, we work well and they think I'm the coolest."

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Some of the children at the school were asked about their thoughts on his unique looks...

One of the older students said: "The bottom of his tattooed eyes, that scared me at first, but my parents encouraged me not to be afraid anymore."

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"Now I'm not afraid, he's even almost my favorite teacher. "He's a nicer teacher than I actually thought."

Sylvain disagrees with the school authorities...

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Saying: "I think the decision they took was quite sad."

Despite this, Sylvain has gone on to teach over 6's and has also recently taken part in Hooked On The Look...

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Where he covered his signature inkings for the day, and the results are shocking...

Sylvain decided to take part in a huge tattoo cover-up, to surprise his dad and sister...

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We can't get over what he looks like without all that ink!

People have had a lot to say about his big reveal.

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Check out what they thought, and watch the transformation for yourself...

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With the help of his friend and makeup artist Alexandra...

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Sylvain got his tattoos covered in thick skin-colored makeup, showing him and his family what he would look like without all that ink.

The process took over two hours!

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After the transformation, Sylvain walked into the cafe where his dad and sister were waiting nervously, and he sure did give them the shock of a lifetime...

Check out their reaction below...

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