Teacher Suspended For Showing ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ in Class

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One teacher found himself in hot water thanks to some in-class movie choices – and the internet doesn’t know what to think.

A teacher has been left in disbelief recently…

After being suspended over a controversial issue …

Of course, a teacher holds a huge amount of responsibility.

They are responsible for the education and livelihoods of their classroom which, ultimately, will help shape kids into well-rounded adults.

And they see them as a solid influence in their young lives.

Their classroom will more than likely mimic whatever it is they’re doing.

They’re role models!

And to try to make a positive impact on their lives.

People are shocked by this story.

Canadian teacher Andrew Dennis has been suspended for the movies he chose to show in class.

But it’s safe to say, not everyone agrees with the decision.

He showed the class The Hobbit and To Kill a Mockingbird in September 2018.

The movies were not curriculum-related and not deemed age-appropriate.

This is because it “deals with racism and rape” and contains the “N-word.”

But Dennis also got in trouble for teaching the Shirley Jackson short story The Lottery, which is about a small town that uses a lottery to choose one person to stone to death every year, then recreating the lottery and encouraging pupils to pelt each other with dodgeballs.

On top of this, he was having trouble controlling his class.

“The classroom was very loud as Dennis was not able to maintain control over his students. At least one student reported being negatively affected by the noise level in the classroom.”

Dennis must complete a Creating a Positive Learning Environment through the Justice Institute of British Columbia before he teaches again.

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