Teacher Who Adopted Former Student and His Brother Pays off Over $48k in Debt | 22 Words

A teacher who adopted one of her former students and his younger brother sacrificed a lot to give her boys a good life - one of those things being her bank balance.

But now, she has finally paid off her $48,000 debt... And her little family couldn't be happier!

Now, there are way too many children waiting to be adopted at the moment.

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But this has sadly been an ongoing problem for decades.

Did you know that right now, out of the 400,000 children in foster care here in the United States...

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More than 100,000 of them are waiting to be adopted?

Even though this is a heartbreaking reality...

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It isn't one that is going to be easily solved.

Being a parent isn't at all affordable...

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And for couples or aspiring-parents who aren't in a financially stable position, adopting a child always isn't a practical idea.

This is a large factor as to why so many children remain in foster care today...

But one kind-hearted teacher decided to not let her finances stand in the way of giving a second chance to one of her former students and his brother.

Twenty-nine-year-old teacher, Chelsea Haley, had her life changed forever back in 2015.

She was teaching in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on a 2-year commitment to Teach for America, which is an organization that recruits recent college graduates to work in low-income schools.

A young pre-teen boy named Jerome was in one of her classes at the time.

When Haley saw Jerome getting suspended from school and failing to progress academically, she started spending time with him by going to his football games, buying him school supplies, and more, according to Good Morning America.

It turned out that Jarome was in foster care with his younger brother, Jace ...

And not having a solid family structure was really affecting Jarome's education and potential.

Chelsea soon had a life-changing decision to make.

After the pair became close, Jerome asked Haley if he could live with her and, in 2016, Haley gained full custody of the young teen. She also gained full custody of little Jace, too.

Chelsea adores every second of being the boys' mom.

"Being their mom is the greatest blessing of my life," she said, "I get to wake up in the morning and love 2 little guys."

However, going through the adoption process wasn't cheap.

Chelsea said she totally wiped out her savings for attorney fees when seeking custody of the two boys. She also accumulated debt to afford taking care of them, which was piled onto deferred student loans.

Determined to rid herself of debt, Chelsea took on side jobs...

"On top of being a teacher, I was tutoring a couple of days a week," she said, adding that on Fridays, she was paid extra to stay late at the school and work as the building manager. The single mom also delivered groceries, sold her home, and moved back in with her parents in November.

But after all of her hard work...

She is finally debt-free, and people are truly inspired by her selfless motivation to give her boys a better life.

She has eliminated a total of $48,683.41 - the amount she owed in credit cards and student loans with interest.

"It doesn't feel real yet," Chelsea said, "It's so amazing. I even logged into my student loans and it said, 'Cleared. Zero balance.'"

Jerome is now seventeen, and Jace is 6...

And Chelsea's current goal is to save money for a new house and prepare Jerome for college. "Both boys are also thriving in school," the mom added.

Now all of her debt is cleared, Chelsea can focus on what really matters.

"It allows me to focus on the boys' future. Saving money for them, and not spending it on my past."

And as for her advice on when it comes to tackling debt?

It is never to ignore your spending and stick to a plan! "Finances can be kind of scary and it's easier to be say, 'It's out of sight, out mind'. But some of the best tips are: 1. List all your goals, starting with the high-interest bills you'd like to pay off. 2. Look through your paycheck and pay attention to what you're spending money on. 3. Consider additional sources for income, if your time allows. 4. Learn to say no to certain money-spending habits."

Congratulations, Chelsea!

And we wish Jerome and Jace a happy life with their incredible mom. For more amazing stories, read on to learn about the 5 siblings who were adopted together after spending time away from each other...