Teacher Who Was Suspended for Being Gay Won a Huge Settlement and Plans to Donate Part to LGBTQ Kids

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Members of the LGBTQ+ community have unjustly had to put up with and fight through hate and discrimination for years, and it’s apparent that there are still bigotted individuals out there who can’t view the world with an open and accepting mind.

A teacher was suspended back in 2017 for simply being gay, but she has finally got justice 3 years later.

Keep scrolling to learn about how she won a huge settlement and what she plans on doing with it…

Since the annual observance of LGBT History Month began in the U.S. in 1994, the growth and acceptance of this community has been absolutely staggering.

And, because of the growing numbers of barriers being broken down, more and more people are coming out openly and proudly as LGBTQ.

Despite amazing development, an array of narrow-minded individuals who spread constant hatred and fear amongst this community are still in existence.

Discrimination comes in many different forms.

Whether it’s in the form of cyber-bullying or in the form of a violent physical act, discrimination against the LGBTQ community is rife… but never the less, no type of discrimination is okay.

These hate crimes are happening all over the world and it’s not okay

It’s a heartbreaking reality that hate crimes against the community still happen.

It is common knowledge that those who discriminate against and abuse members of the LGBTQ community are often uneducated on the topic, and are lashing out against something unfamiliar to them.

The more people that are educated about the community, the fewer hate crimes and attacks there will be against LGBTQ+ identifying people.

And one teacher is a prime example of this.

The thirty-three-year-old worked as a teacher in Texas when in 2017, she was suspended from her position for being openly gay.

According to a press release made by the school, Ms. Bailey received complaints from parents because of reports of her discussing her sexual orientation with elementary-aged students.

And another parent had complained to the school district that the award-winning teacher promoted a “homosexual agenda.”

“When a straight teacher happily announces that she and her husband are expecting a baby to her elementary class, is she saying something inappropriate to very young and impressionable students? Is she announcing her sexual orientation? Is she presenting her life in a way that promotes her political beliefs?” she asked. “Of course not. She’s simply sharing facts about her life.”

Ms. Bailey was ultimately reassigned to another local high school to resume her position as an elementary art teacher.

In a telephone interview on Tuesday, Ms. Bailey told BuzzFeed News that when she started at her new school, she was nervous about how students would react as news of her suspension for being gay had been all over local and national media.

“I don’t think they’d ever seen a teacher out loud say they were gay. To see a grown-up who was successful and educated and not afraid? I don’t think they had ever seen that before,” she explained.

Ms. Bailey decided to file a discrimination lawsuit against the Mansfield Independent School District (MISD), and in October of last year, a federal judge ruled that Bailey’s lawsuit claiming discrimination and a breach of her constitutional rights could go ahead.

“If the community’s perception is based on nothing more than unsupported assumptions, outdated stereotypes, and animosity, it is necessarily irrational and […] provides no legitimate support for Mansfield ISD’s decisions,” wrote Judge Sam Lindsay. “The private antipathy of some members of a community cannot validate state discrimination.”

And Ms. Bailey reached a $100,000 settlement with the school district which was announced by her attorney.

“If you are a school district that thinks you can bully a gay teacher out of their job, I hope you remember my name and I hope you think twice,” Ms. Bailey said during a press conference on Tuesday.

She will donate $10,000 of her settlement money from the Mansfield Independent School District to a charity helping LGBTQ students in schools.

But it is an incredible movement for the LGBTQ+ community. Make sure to keep scrolling to learn about the teenagers who pleaded guilty to brutally attacking a lesbian couple on a London bus…