Teacher's 'Heartless' Holiday Policy Excludes Kids Whose Parents Don't Send Food | 22 Words

Children shouldn't be punished for their parent's actions, but it seems one teacher is doing just that as their holiday party policy excludes the kids whose parents don't send food.

Keep scrolling for the full details around this shocking policy...

A teacher has sparked a debate recently...

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After they decided to exclude children for things beyond their control.

Now, a teacher holds a huge amount of responsibility.

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They are responsible for the education and livelihoods of their classroom which, ultimately, will help shape their kids into well-rounded adults.

The majority of children look up to their teachers...

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And they see them as a solid influence in their young lives.

So if a teacher is seen doing anything...

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Their classroom will more than likely mimic whatever it is they're doing.

Because at the end of the day...

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They're role models!

But sadly, despite their position as role models, some teachers don't always get it right.

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And this brings us back to today's controversial story.

With December upon us, there's a near-constant stream of holiday parties...

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And, for parents, it can get very annoying.

But it can be even more so for teachers...


And some educators even have to organize for all the children and their parents to bring their assigned food on the day of the school's Christmas party.

A task that is very much easier said than done...

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But, no matter how hard the task, there are just some ways you shouldn't handle it.

And this brings us back to our story.

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Mississippi mom, Takaria Scott, was less than impressed by the letter she received from her daughter's teacher explaining that the children who didn't bring food to the upcoming holiday party wouldn't be permitted to eat. And so were many others...

Scott shared a picture of the letter that had been sent home on Facebook...

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Along with the caption: "This is definitely not acceptable in my eyes. Now for these kids to be between 6-7years this should not be a philosophy. Kids are kids man."

The letter announced the date that the party would be happening, with a blank space for parents to write the food item that their child would bring.


But, underneath the gap, there was an extra note from the teacher.

It read:

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"My philosophy is: If they [the children] don't bring anything, they don't eat anything." We can't believe that a teacher, of all people, would suggest that.

Fortunately, the outrage was heard by the school's superintendent, who quickly wrote a letter apologizing for the teacher's letter.

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According to Cafe Mom, she wrote: "We want our students to view school as a safe space. Our students should know that the moment they come to school, that they are in an environment where they are nurtured by their teacher. I can't publicly speak to specifics regarding the teacher. However, I want to assure our families and students that all students will participate and no students will be made to feel uncomfortable if they don't bring refreshments."

How would you react if your children's teacher did the same?

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