Being a teacher can be a thankless job. You're constantly forced to put in long hours, deal with difficult students and spend your own money on supplies for your classrooms. But sometimes, the term "difficult" doesn't even come close to describing the students that some teachers experience and they're forever haunted by the kids who were clearly dealing with some ridiculous dark and terrifying demons. Some teachers aren't fully aware of what they're students are capable of, while others are eager to point out some obvious red flags.

These 30 teachers describing the instant "red flags" they experienced in their classrooms will make you suddenly appreciate your boring 9 to 5 job.

"When I taught ESL in Korea, I had a student who was a rage addict."


 He was about 11 years old and this kid was grumpy like an old man. He would hunch his shoulders and put his head down like some grumpy old codger. Usually about once a month, he would lose his stuff over something, and it was a volcano that would erupt for 20 solid minutes. I watched an older grandfather (somebody you totally respect in that culture) try to talk to him and the kid wouldn't back down, and in fact got even more angry until the grandfather lost it with him. I would see the emotions rise in him over the course of the month break between fits and I could tell when it was about time for him to fly into a rage and explode.b-TedsCreepyVan

"I teach in an area that has been very, very affected by the opioid epidemic."


I taught a student who was well-known to be addicted to heroin. He was also the person who gave his mother her first dose of the drug. His mother died of an overdose. The last time I saw him he had self-tattooed on his arm "I killed my mom" in huge letters. -Rabbit929

"I had a student last week tell me to hold out my hand because he had a surprise for me."


I did it out of curiosity and he placed a 9mm round in my hand. This is two months after I had a student tell everyone via SnapChat he was gonna shoot me and another teacher up. I just shook my head and called administration to deal with that BS. -Yardbird753

"I had a student earlier this year who came to me because he was "kicked out" of his last school (according to him)."


He was covered in tattoos as a freshman in high school. On the second day of having him in my class, I looked up from my desk while students were supposed to be taking a test to see him miming cutting off my head with something shiny. When I went back to see what it was and he laughed and hid it, swearing he had nothing. I looked up to see him doing it again. Same thing happened... I let it go.

After he left the room, I found the pen he had been writing with under his desk with two small incisions in the cap. I immediately reported it to admin.

He was moved to another teacher a few days later for an unrelated scheduling issue. He threatened to kill her. He was moved to another teacher because of this. In the third teacher's class, he drew pictures of rifles all over his essays.

So. Many. Red. Flags. He was finally sent to the alternative school a few months back. But he'll likely be back. -couscouscachoo

"Had them producing a book report with a few sentences and some pictures."


The kid had an abridged version of some Penguin classic, and everything was good barring one question:

'What did you enjoy most about this story?'

'He gets mad and kills his family.' Followed by a scrawling image of mutilation. Completely unrelated to the story and just slipped in there with some good work. -whodkickamoocow

"When I first began teaching, we had a student who seemed to get a lot of satisfaction out of manipulating or hurting others."


Her behavior escalated, leading to a brief hospital stint after killing her puppy. When she returned to school, she bragged gleefully about it and shortly thereafter began writing death threats in blood on the walls of bathroom stalls. As much as I hate to say it, she's one I wouldn't be surprised to see in the news in a few years. -staringoutinwonder

"A (university) freshman tried to add my class late, but all the slots allotted by admin had been filled."


He approached me after the first day of class and asked to be added anyway. Very flat affect. No emotion at all.

I told him that I couldn't add him, and he replied, 'If you don't add me, I'll follow you everywhere. Even to the bathroom.'


I'm not a huge guy, but I easily doubled his body weight. Not the situation to try to make a threat, I'd say.

I was nonplussed for a moment, so I asked him to repeat what he'd just said. And he did. A word for word. I could tell this guy was a nut case, and in hindsight, I probably should have reported the incident. Instead, I just kind of laughed it off and walked away. -ErwinFurwinPurrwin

"College professor. Guy just a little bit older than me wrote a paper in which he shared a fantasy about beating the s*** out of a therapist for not listening to him about his problems."


He was constantly distracting in class, cheated in every way imaginable, and just struck me as off. I repeatedly put in student of concern notices about him, because I really thought something was going to go wrong. Shortly after the class ended he took his newborn kid and ran away to a different state. -phoenix-corn

"I could talk for hours about this kid. However, there is one day I'll never forget."


He was playing with this toy that he brought from home and I reached over and took it off of his desk. He first looked at my hand and then looked me straight in my eyes. It was at that moment I realized that he really wanted to hurt me. He threw his head down and cried on the desk like he normally did. Only a few minutes later did I look over and hear him still crying. But he's looking straight at me, with no tears in his eyes, and he had the most psychotic and evil looking grin on his face, all the while still making sobbing sounds. It was the only time I've ever been afraid of a student in my career. -fastfood12

"I was in charge of an after school program for Jr. High and High school students."


One time I was waiting for a 13-year-old girl to get picked up with her friend, and this is the conversation I hear from across the room while they were messing with the whiteboard.

Girl 1: draws swastika

Girl 2: 'You can't do that, that's bad.'

Girl 1: 'Why?'

Girl 2: 'I don't know, I just know bad.'

Girl 1: 'It's OK, my dad has it tattooed on his chest.' -sweeetkiwi

"I subbed for this 6th-grade teacher a lot. She had this student who seemed like a harmless, but obviously mentally and physically disabled kid."


Whenever I saw him he was calm, drooled, and carried an iPad so he could semi-communicate. Half way through the school year the teacher I sub for decided that I should probably know to steer clear of this kid if he gets any sort of mood other than calm. 

Took me a while to dig this kid’s backstory up but apparently, this kid has to be drugged to high heaven to just be at school (hence the drooling and super passive behavior 99% of the time). Apparently, he is ultra crazy aggressive and if he gets into any bad mood it means his drugs are wearing off and he’s a ticking time bomb. His “meltdowns" cause school lockdowns because of how violent he is towards himself and others. There is literally a designed plan for this kid if he snaps. -SinfullySinless

"I teach middle school math."


We have a Saturday school once a month for students with failing grades to get extra help in whatever subject. One kid did not want to be there and he was placed in a conference room in the office so he didn't disturb the other kids. So this kid pulled out a tooth. An adult tooth. He pulled it out of his face. It was terrible. -CptnGrudzibar

"I was giving a spelling test to my 3rd graders..."


...and one student calmly got out her glue and poured it in her ear. -amyk6282

"Me: 'Why are you peeing on your cot at naptime?'"


Student: 'Because I don’t want to sleep.'

Me: 'Why don’t you want to sleep?'

Student: 'Because they’ll hurt me.

Turns out big sister would come into her room and hit her when she slept at home. I still worry about that family. -seebeedubs

"My mum used to teach in a boy's secondary."


This one kid was generally an a** – violent, rude, provocative. One day the deputy head dropped down dead of a heart attack in front of some of the kids at breaktime... less than ten minutes later this particular kid was imitating the teacher dying in front of the others and laughing, for entertainment. Not in the least fazed by what he'd seen, and had no idea that what he was doing was horrifying. -mronion82

"Had a student (7th grade) once try to eat a microscope slide."


She seemed genuinely confused as to why the other adult and I cared so much and begrudgingly spat it out. -jrsilver

"I had a sixth-grade student look up how best to break his own arm."


He did it, broke it to get out of state testing. He thought that if he had a broken arm, he wouldn't have to write on the test (you get a scribe if that's the case so he would have to take it anyways). The problem is he broke the wrong arm... He's right-handed and broke the left one... -rugbyguy17

"Music teacher. I had a fifth grader who seemed completely normal, she was pretty smart and attentive, actually a lot more enjoyable to have than most of the other kids in her class."


One day she coughed up a hairball. -Atomstanley

"Once I had a student (third grader who must’ve weighed more than I do) get mad at me for taking away points from him for bad behavior."


Other kids were laughing at him. He very calmly and silently walks up to one of the kids that was laughing, picks up a stack of like 4 pencils that were on his desk and snaps em perfectly in half. Then silently, calmly goes back and sits down. -usuallyconfused91

"I had a kid who would take his shirt of and scream at the top of his lungs in the practice room and violently dance."


Mom wasn't concerned at all, and the other kids got used to it and were very nonchalant about it. -bonanza301

"First year as a professor: kind of smelly, unkempt guy starts to use my office as "killing time area" between classes."


Eventually, I have to tell him to leave after half an hour or so (nearly every day for weeks) because I need to get work done. So then, in one conversation, he tells me (a) he's on some heavy anti-psychotics for ongoing paranoid schizophrenia, and (b) he's having sexual fantasies about me.

That was an interesting day. -Guy_Jantic

"While I was teaching preschool, during nap time I would pat kids’ backs."


One day I was patting a four-year-old’s back. He said in a creepy whisper, 'I’m going to cut out your insides and my dad will cook them on the grill. Then we’re going to cut off your toes and suck out the blood.' He’s on my watchlist. -ahhhmberr

"My dad recently had a very similar experience (he’s a substitute teacher)."


A little girl around 8, not in his class, came up to him in the hall crying. She was holding a picture of a woman and said her mom had died. Like legit my dad thought she was for real, very convincing. So he takes her to her teacher to figure out what the heck was going on and her teacher laughs and says “Oh man she got you, her mom’s not dead and that’s not even her mom in the picture." Like it was a common occurrence for her to do this and she tricks all the subs like that. So creepy. -Rivers_On_Fire

"I teach English in China and I had students brainstorm an argument to act out (suggesting maybe someone took their homework, borrowed money, etc.) and gave them 3 minutes to prepare to present to the class."


The first group came up and said “a bank robbery." I laughed and said okay, that is definitely a conflict, let’s see.

A girl walks in as the customer and another girl walks in as the robber. She promptly TAKES OUT A REAL POCKETKNIFE and puts it blade-against the other girl’s throat. The class laughs, oohs, ahhs. Such acting.

I scream: “NOPE. Okay! Stop!" And took the knife away. She was reprimanded by her head teacher. -Coldspark824

"I used to work after school care for an elementary school for 2 years. This girl was in 2nd grade and was always getting suspended."


She had physically attacked me multiple times unprovoked or when I asked her to clean up her mess; had choked a classmate with her bare hands and when that didn’t work, took the scarf off her neck and used that, when I stopped her, she bit me and drew blood. One day, her little brother and dad came to pick her up. The little brother was excited to see her, and she ran to him, picked him up, dropped him on “accident" and started laughing when he cried. -mrzpldubbz

"During my student teaching I head a few high school students talking about animals."


One boy said he frequently shot cats that showed up on his farm. Aside from that, he seemed normal, but it was a pretty weird line.

On the other end of the spectrum, another boy took his dog to meet Santa and has the photos hanging in his room. -MillieBirdie

"This little second grader was a mean little dude."


He liked making the other kids upset. There was one boy in particular who cried and the mean little one loved this. So when this kid was crying the other was laughing which of course made the kid more hysterical to the point he would puke. He loved the power he had over the other kid.

He also brought small bugs into the class and cut them in half with scissors because he, “wanted to see if they would live after." He crawled on the floor looking for crayons to eat too, but that might of just been a kid thing. -applesaucey05

"First period class."


7th-grade language arts. Kid threw up. Tequila. -leopold_leopold

"I had a colleague tell me about a 4 year old in her class that asked her..."


"Do you and your husband get naked and stab each other in bed until your blood runs out?'" -squirmdragon

"A 7-year-old asked to speak with me after I didn't give him a sticker (he was misbehaving all day)."


He said 'I may be small now, but boys get bigger than girls. One day I'm going to be bigger than you and I'm going to remember this.'-InfiniteSandwich