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Tech Gifts From Amazon Under $75

It’s highly likely there’s a techie in your life—that techie could even be you! And whether you enjoy a good movie at home or you want to listen to your tunes while keeping warm, you’ll find something for everyone on my list of the top tech gifts on Amazon for less than $75.

You will love our editor’s curated product picks! FYI: We are an Amazon affiliate partner and may get a share of the sale of your purchase (at no cost to you).


Movie Night Will Make You A Superhero With This Portable Projector

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Kids of all ages love movie night—even if it’s everyone huddled around the TV screen. My kids were so excited the night I said movie night would be outside. The online images of this portable projector really don’t do it justice. It’s incredible how crisp and clear the picture is!


Keep Your Head Warm And Your Ears Jammin’ With This Bluetooth Headphone Beanie Cap And Glove Set

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I love the cooler weather, but I love my tunes even more. Earbuds tend to slip out of my ears, while over-the-head earphones are bulky and don’t fit well under a winter hat. This Bluetooth beanie cap solves both problems and the sound is crystal clear.


Keep Your Cords Untangled With This Electronics Travel Organizer Bag

travel organizer
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With as many electronic gadgets as I have, you’d think finding a charger would be a simple, “It’s over in that outlet.” But, alas, that isn’t the case—until I got one of these charging cord organizers. These are great for traveling but just as useful at home.

Amaze Your Friends When You Levitate The World

tech gadget
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My friends thought I was nuts when I told them I could suspend a planet in mid-air. But haha, the joke’s on them—with this magnetic levitating globe, I did just that!

Keep Your Hands Warm During All Your Fall Activities With These Portable Hand Warmers

hand warmer
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Outdoor fun and football games in the fall mean chilly nights. I keep my hands warm all day by having a rechargeable portable handwarmer in both pockets of my coat. This is the tech gift of the season!

Fall Asleep Easy And Wake Rested With This Sunrise/Sunset Simulation Nightlight

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I have a hard time falling asleep and waking up on time, especially in the winter months. When it gets dark at 5:00 pm and I don’t see light till 8:00 am, well—this sunrise/sunset simulation nightlight has helped me get my sleep back on track.

Save The Trees When You Get One Of These Reusable Notebooks

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As a writer awaiting the apocalypse, I’m a notebook and pen hoarder—there, I said it. If the grid went down, I still need to write! So, when I found this reusable notebook it meant two things: I can take advantage of the grid now and save my paper notebooks for when SHTF.

This Dimmable Color Changing Wireless Alarm Clock Is The Answer To Sleepless Nights

wireless alarm clock
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With kids ranging from 2 to 17, things can get crazy around here. But all the littles have these dimmable color changing alarm clocks in their rooms (I have one, too!), and it makes bedtime fun for them and easier on me.

Keep Watching That Video While You Tend Your Chores With This Adjustable Phone Stand

phone stand
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It never fails—I’ll be knee-deep in a YouTube video watching someone wax poetic on human psychology (yep, I’m a nerd), and the kitchen timer will sound the alarm that something needs to be put into or taken out of the oven. With this adjustable phone stand, I can keep watching my video while I prepare our meal.

This Coded Message Box Is Easy To Decipher

coded message box
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The Da Vinci Code popularized puzzle boxes, and this coded message box is the same as the one in the movie. Only I was surprised to find matching rings and other romantic trinkets when ours came.

Nighttime Frisbee Golf Is So Much More Fun With These Bright LED Frisbees

LED frisbee
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Playing frisbee golf during the day is fun—ish. The game takes on a whole other level when you play after dark with bright, light-up frisbees. It’s a literal game-changer.

Take A Nap With Your Tunes With These Eye Mask Bluetooth Headphones

bluetooth headphones
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Taking a nap? In the middle of the day, in my house? Let me tell you—the struggle is real. But these Bluetooth eye mask headphones block out the light and external sound so you can pretend you’re in a tiki hut on the sands of Bermuda. (Just not my tiki hut, please…)

Actual Physical Photos Are A Reality With This Portable Photo Printer

photo printer
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Pics or it didn’t happen, right? Wait while I whip out my snazzy little photo printer, snap a pic, tap Print on my phone, and there it is—evidence.

Wireless Earbuds For That Hard-To-Buy-For-Person On Your List

wireless earbuds
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My son is one of those people who are really hard to pin down when it comes to gift giving. I know I can never go wrong with a set of true wireless in-ear headphones. Really, you can never have enough—when one pair needs to be charged, pop in the next and never miss a beat.

An Entire Band In The Palm Of Your Hand With This Finger Drum Set

finger drums
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At first glance, this doesn’t look like much more than a novelty, but oh how I was wrong! This finger drum set teaches younger children how to know differences between colors. And for older kids and kids at heart, as you learn how to play, you can add in all sorts of different instruments and beats based solely on the color you assign to them!

Control Your Lights From Anywhere With This Wireless Lighting Assistant

wireless lighting
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This wireless lighting assistant lets me dim or brighten the lights in my home whether I’m in the next room, across town, or on the other side of the world. The assistant works in conjunction with a downloadable phone app and can be programmed to work with any lighting in your home.

Amazon’s Echo Dot Is A Must-Have Tech Gadget

echo dot
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This wireless smart speaker lets me chat with Alexa anywhere in my home. I’d love to meet her in person, ya know, and thank her for indulging all my 6-year-old’s questions—and my inability to settle on motivational music for cleaning day.

Turn “It Broke, Again” Into “I Fixed It!” With This Electronics Repair Toolkit

electronics repair toolkit
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It’s a fact of this electronic-dependent lifestyle we live—stuff’s gonna break sometimes! Finding a quick fix is often pretty pricey. But this electronics repair toolkit lets me fix my cracked phone screen myself, as well as many other “breaks” I won’t bore you with here.

Stop Losing Your Keys With These Tiles Tags

tile tags
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Ask my teens, every time I need to leave the house, I’m asking, “Anyone see my keys anywhere?” Well, that was until I discovered these neat tiles tags. And they don’t just work for your keys! I have mine set up for my phone, my keys, and my tablet. Not sure if they’ve yet released the one that locates where I lost my mind…

Stop Getting Blinded By The Light With This Motion-Activated Toilet Light

motion activated toilet light
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This is one of those tech novelty products that actually serve a great underlying purpose—no more bright lights in the middle of the night or blindness after you turn off the light. Plus, with this motion-activated toilet light, you won’t wake anyone up when you have to get up to go.

“Is That The Moon On Your Table?”

moon light
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Why, yes. Yes, it is. This light-up moon replica (moonlight?) is a real statement piece in my family room. It’s uncanny how realistic it is.

This Smart Watch Tracks Your Health And Your Social Media Likes

smart watch
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I was hesitant to get my first fitness watch, but this smart watch convinced me. I can make and receive calls and texts, plus it tracks my heart rate, blood oxygen level, sleep quality, and more.