People Who Found a Hilarious Loophole in the Rules | 22 Words

The photos in this gallery prove that people should be very clear about the signs they write and post in public. These people are following the rules, but they may be following them a little too literally. They're anarchists! They know what they should be doing, but they can't help but point out the mistakes of the people who make the rules.

Sometimes, rules aren't meant to be followed so literally.

Unless, of course, you're Chris Traeger from Parks and Recreation. The people on this list are no doubt the Chris Traegers of their lives.

Show your thinking

Why is he so sad while thinking of the answer! Oh right, because he's taking a math test, and those are the absolute worst.

Reserved for green vehicles

I think they meant electric cars and things like that, but this green pickup truck is technically green, so...

Do not climb over fence

What? There's no sign that says you can't crawl under the fence.

Pet area

I get this and it's a funny joke, but also that guy probably has dog pee all over his hands now. Anything for a bit.


How is this pineapple scarier than every pumpkin I've ever seen?! It's amazing, and it probably smells much better than pumpkins.


I mean, this is a ridiculous request. What are you, expected to pull over, have a sketchbook and pencils at the ready, and take time out of your busy day to draw the bridge? This is ridiculous.

Follow me

Meanwhile, the truck driver is like, "911, I'd like to report a suspicious character in a car who's been following my truck for 12 hours."

Do not move

The person who posted this wrote, "Help! I've been stuck here for at least a week!" Maybe they should have been more specific about what not to move.

Two dog trail

What happens if you don't have two dogs? Can you not hike that trail? Because I would just like to go there and hang out and say hi to all the dogs.

Cover up

This house owner was forced by the homeowner's association to cover his trash cans from being visible from the street. So he flipped them off with wood.

What type of music

This question should have been way more specifically worded! I could name a bunch of types of music that Bach didn't compose! Even the teacher had to give this clever answer credit.

Edge of table

Sure, it might fall off and get lost and you'll never get your food, but it says to put that number at the edge of the table so, by god, you're going to do it.

Employees must wash hands

It doesn't specify whose hands the employees must wash! Seriously, people have to be more specific when they're making signs.

Simple equation

The teacher even wrote that the equation could be "as you want." I think this person should get full credit.

Hug left curb

"Bye, curb! I love you, curb! You've been so good to me, curb! I will miss you, curb! Wait for me, curb!"

Do not leave toaster unattended

God, this toaster is so needy. It needs constant attention and validation. It really needs to learn how to be alone with itself if it's ever going to learn to love itself.

Would you recommend?

This is so true. No one has random conversations where they are passionately recommending operating systems to their friends. It just doesn't happen.

Face and body soap

I don't understand the difference between face soaps and hand soaps and body soaps. It's all just a scam to get us to buy different types of soaps, isn't it?

80-100 words

This is the craziest test question I've ever read. It's so unspecific. What are these words supposed to be about? I am on board with this person's answer.

Flip me off

I mean, this is an odd request, but I guess you do what the sign says! That poor light switch.

At least 8 characters

I wonder if anyone actually makes this their password. That would actually be super clever.

Watch your hands and fingers

But...if you're busy watching your hands and fingers, you can't do any of the other things you came there to do.

Press any key

OK, now this is just getting ridiculous. Obviously, it doesn't mean "any key of any type in the entire world."

Hang six

Look closely. This person is hanging six...toes! I bet that does wonders for your balance.

Insert straw here

This is giving me anxiety. Here's the thing: Just put the straw in the hole. Please.

Deadly waves at any time

Why would this guy wave in this area?! It could be deadly!

Smoke on roadway

Yeah... I don't think this is what that sign meant. I don't disagree with it.

Lettuce-wrapped burger

This is what you get when you ask for a lettuce-wrapped burger at McDonald's. Sorry. You gonna eat that bun.

Half grapes

This little girl complained that she was given too many grapes, so her mom told her to eat half. And she did. Share this with your favorite rule follower!