Ted Cruz Appeared to Doze off During Joe Biden’s First Joint Address to Congress

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New footage has shown the moment Texas Senator Ted Cruz – who has been fiercely critical of the country’s new leadership – allegedly fell asleep during President Biden’s first joint address to Congress yesterday.

Now, Cruz’s boredom has come as a surprise to many because, for the most part, Biden’s speech was a groundbreaking one.

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President Biden used the speech to talk about the progress of his administration in its first 100 days, touching on issues including the federal response to the coronavirus pandemic and Biden’s $1.8 trillion stimulus package.

But the most pinnacle point of the address? 

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During his speech, President Biden was flanked by Vice President Kamala Harris and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, marking the first time 2 women had ever been present during such an event.

Appearing on MSNBC earlier Wednesday, Pelosi said of the groundbreaking moment:

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“It’s pretty exciting. And it’s wonderful to make history. It’s about time. I made history when I was the first speaker to be standing behind President Bush. And he made note of that. Now, this is just so exciting.”

Exciting, indeed.

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However, there was one person in attendance who didn’t find the history-making speech so riveting, and that’s Republican Senator – and perhaps Biden’s harshest critic – Ted Cruz.

Cruz, who is only just shaking off the repercussions of his poorly timed trip to Cancun, appeared to have a difficult time staying awake as Biden spoke.

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About an hour into the speech, the senator was filmed nodding off as he watched on in the socially-distanced audience.

Of course, the incriminating footage spread like wildfire…

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And it didn’t take long for the public ridicules to come trickling in.

Cruz’s bout of sleepiness came as Biden discussed immigration reform, saying:

“If you actually want to solve a problem, I’ve sent a bill to take a close look at it.”

Well, immigration reform clearly doesn’t spark any drive in Cruz…

As he could be seen slowly closing his eyes out of clear boredom.

But, clearly wanting to take control of the narrative, Cruz later quoted a clip of the incident, along with the hashtag “#BoringButRadical.”

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The Texas senator then told Fox News:
“The speech by design was calm and dulcet tones. I challenge you to remember a single line from the speech. It was monotone, the chamber was nearly empty.”

He then went on to suggest that Biden had intentionally made his speech “boring” so he would fall asleep.

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“Joe is deliberately being boring but the substance of what he’s saying is radical.”

You can watch the incriminating moment for yourself below.

Is Sleepy Ted now a thing?