People Are Tweeting Photos of Their Frozen Homes To Ted Cruz and It's Heartbreaking | 22 Words

The Senator of Texas, Ted Cruz, has faced serious backlash this week after he was spotted jetting off to sunny Cancun while leaving Texas in a weather crisis.

And now, upon the Senator returning to Houston with his tail between his legs, Texans have decided to send him photos of their frozen homes...

And it's getting seriously tense.


The photos are extremely eye-opening. Here's the full story...

Right now, a winter storm is wreaking havoc in numerous southern U.S states.


And Texas is perhaps the worst affected.

Due to the usually warm state being completely unprepared for below-freezing temperatures, thousands have been forced to evacuate their homes...


And the addition of heavy snowstorms has left the state completely powerless in most areas.

And not only that, butat least twenty-four deaths have been reported so far...

​And as temperatures continue to fall, this number is set to rise.

Texans are doing their best to push through this difficult period...

But with many suffering from a loss of power, electricity, and hot running water, they have been forced to make do with what they've got.

People have been taking to social media to share some dreadful new living situations during the unbearable temperatures...

Including this Twitter user whose fan had literally frozen to the ceiling and had icicles dangling down from it.

President Biden declared a state of emergency in Texas last week...

And ordered federal assistance from the Department of Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency to supplement local response efforts.

Who knows how long this nightmare will last...


But things continue to get worse.

So, it is hardly surprising that people were utterly outraged to hear of the actions of Texan Senator Ted Cruz.


Instead of staying in the state and working hard to help his people, it was reported that he decided to pack up his bags and flee to sun-soaked Cancun in Mexico.

Of course, this didn't sit well with Texas' residents...

Who are currently living in below-freezing conditions.

Cruz was spotted in a Houston airport with his family queuing for a United Airlines flight earlier this week.

It is strongly believed by the person who took the pictures that the Senator boarded a flight that departed at 4.44 pm and landed in Cancun at 7.52 pm.

TMZ also reported that Cruz's wife sent a text message to friends just before the family left for Mexico...

Saying their house was "freezing" and revealing plans to stay until Sunday and inviting others along.

If the report is true, it's a much different story than the Senator's statement claiming he was only going to drop his girls off in Cancun.

Of course, this sparked even more anger and resulted in the Texas Democratic Party calling on Cruz to resign.

"Ted Cruz jetting off to Mexico while Texans remain dying in the cold isn't surprising but it is deeply disturbing and disappointing," Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa said.

"Cruz is emblematic of what the Texas Republican Party and its leaders have become: weak, corrupt, inept, and self-serving politicians who don't give a damn about the people they were elected to represent. They were elected by the people but have no interest or intent of doing their jobs."

Well, Cruz seems to be backtracking following the outrage...


As the Senator was spotted on a flight back to Houston yesterday afternoon.

Cruz is now back in Texas...

And in a statement to ABC News, the Senator said his travels were "obviously a mistake" and "in hindsight, I wouldn't have done it."

He also claimed he was just "trying to be a dad" which isn't at all an excuse for fleeing a crisis and leaving the people of his state to suffer.

Well, the people of Texas are still not impressed with his actions...

​And, to give him a warm welcome home, they have decided to tweet him photos of their current living conditions.

Keep scrolling to see the most poignant ones...

1. This woman sent a photo of her destroyed home.

2. Here, we have broken a water system that has left a full town without running water.

3. This resident shared a photo of their olive oil and liquid dish soap completely frozen over.

4. This Twitter user showed the lengthy queue for a local grocery store, as desperate residents wait to stock up on supplies.

5. Bleak pictures show empty shelves in a local HEB.

6. More devastating scenes from Texas grocery stores.

7. A stark comparison of the conditions in Houston to the conditions in Cancun.

8. This Twitter user shared a photo of his niece and nephew, who haven't had electricity since Monday.

9. Residents have been forced to melt snow in order to use their toilets.

10. More residents sent photos of their snow melting efforts - many of whom worry they will have to use it for drinking water.

11. This person showed a picture of their dog, Maddie, who fell down the stairs after a pipe burst next door - her owner is unable to get her treatment as the street is blocked with ice.

12. People are attempting to cement their pipes back together after 4 days of no power, water, or heat.

13. This Twitter user showed off her own "staycation" - a makeshift tent in her bedroom in order to stay warm.

14. Thirty-six hours of no power can wreak havoc on someone's home, as this Twitter user demonstrated below.

15. "No, this isn't salt for your Cancun margaritas, this is snow I'm boiling so I can wash my hands and flush toilets."

​16. This woman shared a photo of her friend's house where a pipe had exploded, leaving a gaping hole in the wall and exposing her and her children to the freezing elements. 

17. "Hey @tedcruz how's the weather down there? A little cold up here, you know, in the state you represent..."

18. This user simply shared a photo of a road sign advising residents that travel is discouraged. Maybe Cruz missed the memo?

Make sure to stay posted for further updates on the ongoing crisis in Texas.