Ted Cruz Got More Than He Bargained For When He Picked a Twitter Fight With Trevor Noah

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Sen. Ted Cruz learned the hard way that picking a Twitter fight with The Daily Show host, Trevor Noah, is never going to end well.

Here’s the full story…

Ted Cruz just keeps digging himself a deeper hole, doesn’t he?

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Tensions surrounding the Republican senator initially arose in February when he fled to sun-soaked Cancun in Mexico, while his State of Texas froze over.

He was spotted in a Houston airport on February 17th with his wife and daughters queuing for a United Airlines flight.

It was believed by the person who took the pictures that the Senator had boarded a flight that departed at 4.44 pm and landed in Cancun at 7.52 pm.

Of course, this didn’t sit well with Texas’ residents…

Who were continuing to struggle in below-freezing conditions.

Texans quickly took to tweeting Cruz photos of their dire living conditions…

In an attempt to bring him back to his senses.

The Texas Democratic Party then called on Cruz to resign…

“Ted Cruz jetting off to Mexico while Texans remain dying in the cold isn’t surprising but it is deeply disturbing and disappointing,” Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa said.
“Cruz is emblematic of what the Texas Republican Party and its leaders have become: weak, corrupt, inept, and self-serving politicians who don’t give a damn about the people they were elected to represent. They were elected by the people but have no interest or intent of doing their jobs.”

Well, quite predictably, Cruz hastily backtracked following the outrage.

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The Senator was spotted on a flight back to Houston the following day.

Cruz landed back in Texas with his tail between his legs…

And, in a very awkward statement to ABC News, admitted that his travels were “obviously a mistake” and “in hindsight, I wouldn’t have done it.”
Of course, he failed to issue any form of apology to the people of Texas who were continuing to suffer.

In the aftermath of his poorly timed trip, Cruz desperately attempted to salvage the little reputation he had left.

Just days later, he posted this series of photos, in which he could be seen extending an arm to a female shopper and lifting bottles of water into various cars, alongside the caption, “#TexasStrong.”
Though, of course, people didn’t buy his PR stunt.

And, as the months have trickled by, he still can’t escape the repercussions of his tasteless vacation attempt.

While tweeting about the ongoing migrant crisis at the US-Mexico border, Cruz was spectacularly owned by Bronx Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who wrote:
“Ted, this is pretty rich coming from someone who fled their own home (and responsibilities) during an environmental crisis to cross the border and seek refuge in Mexico. Also, you funded cages, expanded cages, and yet you’re complaining about cages. You have no policy, just puff.”

She then followed up with this:

“Maybe Mexico shouldn’t let YOU in the next time you try to run away from your job to sip umbrella drinks in CancĂșn.”
AOC 1 – 0 Ted Cruz.

And now?

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Well, Cruz’s latest Twitter spat is with none other than The Daily Show.

On a recent episode, host Trevor Noah broke down the latest 2020 Census news.

In the clip, he playfully mocked the eighty-nine New Yorkers who didn’t fill out their census form and reminded us all why The Great Depression was so bad: mainly, there was nowhere to sit.

He also expressed some form of disdain for Texas gaining 2 seats…

Something that, quite predictably, triggered Cruz.

The senator responded with this:

“Trevor Noah whines that people are fleeing high-tax blue states & moving in droves to low-tax states like Texas, where the jobs are. Doesn’t understand why people like freedom. Also predicts the Biden years will be the Great Depression.”

I think he took Noah’s monologue slightly out of context there, don’t you?

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Well, The Daily Show’s official Twitter page wasn’t going to let his comment slide.

They responded with this:

“Not sure I’d be using the words “fleeing” and “Texas” in the same sentence, Senator Cancun.”

I know what you’re thinking…

Surely, there’s no coming back from that?

Well, Cruz still had some ammunition left in his tank.

He wrote back:
“I wear your scorn with pride. I remember when The Daily Show was funny.”

But then, The Daily Show pulled out the real guns.

And with that Ted Cruz has officially fought back harder against a tweet from a late night show than he ever did when Trump called his wife ugly.”

For a bit of context…

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When Cruz and Trump were running their retrospective presidential campaigns in 2016, Trump shared a crudely made meme comparing their wives with the caption: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”
Evidently at a loss, Cruz didn’t respond to The Daily Show’s final tweet.