Teen Refuses To Talk To Mom Because She Sold Fallen Marine Dad’s Beloved Car, or So He Thinks

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One teen had to hold back tears after finding out what his mom did to his late father’s old car.

And it’s not what you expect…

Especially at a young age.

It doesn’t get any easier.

For remembering our loved ones.

Some keep birthday cards, or keep their favorite flowers around.

Because without a doubt, they’re listening.

As a way to keep him close.

So much so that he vowed to one day pass it down to his son.

And he wasn’t able to pass it on.

When he was hit and killed by sniper fire.

While his son Triston, was just 4.

With only the car to hold on to.

And it slowly started to fall apart, the longer it sat there collecting dust.

Asking for advice on what people think she should do with the car.

But it was totally unusable.

Local businesses, mechanics, and dealerships all helped to restore the old Bronco.

Tristan’s mom actually told him that she had sold his dad’s old car to buy him a new one.

He even refused to speak to his mom for nearly 2 weeks.

To keep something of his to remember him.

And it turns out to be the best birthday surprise…

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