Teen Says Trump Banner Got Him Thrown Out of Virutal Class | 22 Words

Students continue to work virtually from home while COVID cases are still rising.

And one boy's story has gone viral after his teacher makes a pretty bold demand over Zoom...

Students are finding it hard to adjust to their new way of life...

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Virtual classes aren't for everybody. But while coronavirus is still lurking, it's the safest thing schools can do.

Many wouldn't believe that we're still living through a global pandemic...

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But believe it or not, we still are.

But it seems that many people have forgotten that the global pandemic has seized the entire world...

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And even though numbers of infections are steadily dropping in many countries, the USA continues to be the worst affected.

There are currently over 5 million actives cases of the virus here in America.

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It just doesn't seem to be phasing people anymore.

Many individuals seem to be forgetting that the virus is passed on through close contact...

Such as coughing, sneezing, and touching things with your bare hands.

This is why many government officials have stressed the importance of wearing facemasks in public spaces...

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Because even though they can't protect a person fully from catching or spreading the virus, they lower that chance significantly.

But regardless of this...

The number of coronavirus cases continues to steadily rise.

It just seems that many of us aren't learning...

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And more and more lives are being put at risk because of this.

This has caused many schools to resort to online learning...

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Using Zoom to teach virtually.

However, teaching a class of thirty over a webcam isn't easy.

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And one student, in particular, has come under fire for something you wouldn't expect during class.

An honor student from New Jersey, says he was “clicked" out of his chemistry class...

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After refusing to take down his Trump banner during the online lesson.

Seventeen-year-old junior, Anthony Ribeiro, at Toms River High School North...

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Said that chemistry teacher Andrew Gilman gave him a warning after spotting the “Trump 2020, Keep America Great" sign placed directly in view of the camera.

Ribeiro said...

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“I was the only person in the class. He looked up but didn’t say anything. Then when he was taking attendance, he came to my name and there were at least 16 to 20 people on and he said, ‘Anthony, take the sign down right now, there is no room for politics in my classroom.’"

Ribeiro ignored Gilman and blatantly refused to take it down...

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“And then he goes, ‘If you’re not going to get up and take it down, I’m going to have to ask you to leave the class for today,’" Ribeiro continued. “I waved goodbye, and I was gone."

The teen then told his mom who was taken aback by what happened.

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“I was actually shocked," Tara Jost said. “I couldn’t believe that a teacher would ask my son to take down something that was in my home."

Jost then called the school, with the principal in complete agreement with her.

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“He was in agreement with me and said they were 100% wrong," Jost said. “He said to leave it up."

Ribeiro said Gilman made his views on the presidential campaign abundantly clear, that he was in support of the democrats.

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Ribeiro kept the banner up and in the next class with Gilman, he didn't mention it.

But during Ribeiro’s English class...

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His teacher Leslie Maryon-Larose asked him to take it down for being a distraction in class.

He agreed worrying what effect it might have on his grade...

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“I didn’t have the greatest grade in my eyes, and I thought it would make her grade me harder," he said. “I respected that she was talking to me as a person and asked politely."

District officials said that the matter was being handled internally.

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“The student was not in violation of any general code of conduct or any policy specifically related to virtual learning," the statement read. “We have worked with and are continuing to work with all involved parties to resolve the issue and move forward."

But that isn't good enough for Ribeiro’s mother...

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Who wants an apology from the teacher for kicking him out.

Ribeiro got the banner as a birthday present from his aunt and decided to put it up in his room.

And apparently became a “big Trump guy" after getting into politics while being stuck at home due to coronavirus.

Ribeiro continued...

“I hope it never happens again, no matter if it’s Trump or Biden, people have a right to express their opinion." Keep scrolling for more...