Teen Who Shot Dead Police Dog Sentenced To 25 Years in Prison

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Has justice been served? Keep on reading to see for yourselves…

But justice has now been served for the police dog that was brutally killed in the line of duty.

But they are also our faithful workers.

And their hard-working and loyal natures make them the perfect colleagues.

Police dogs are easy targets for criminals who are desperately trying to escape the clutches of law enforcement.

They won’t think twice when it comes to hurting an innocent animal.

Dutch Shephard, Fang, was a K-9 police dog who worked for Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office in Florida when he was fatally shot by a fugitive trying to escape police officers.

The teenager had carjacked 2 women at a gas station, making one of them drive as he held her at gunpoint.

Paskel tried to flee on foot, which was when Fang was sent out to stop him.

He said he released Fang to stop Paskel from escaping, only to hear him yelp after the first gunshot was fired. Herrera then recalled how he saw Fang lying lifeless with head and chest wounds, adding, “He’s still a member of my family and it wasn’t just sad for me or the department.”

People were outraged.

During the 2-hour hearing, Paskel noted that he was just seventeen at the time of the incident and apologized, saying he was a “man ready to take responsibility for the mistakes [he] made as a child.”

“I would like to offer my apologies and condolences to Officer Herrera for not only the killing of his K-9 partner Fang, but his best friend. I want to apologize to the victims for scaring them that night. And I owe my mother the biggest apology for letting her down.”

And he has now been sentenced to twenty-five years in prison.

And the twenty-year sentence was for all of his other charges.

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