Teenager Creates Mesmerizing Hairstyles That Looks Like Crocheted Patterns | 22 Words

There have been a lot of hairstyle trends this year, and the best one yet comes from a German teenager who incorporates something pretty unexpected into her hair designs.

Keep scrolling to see her intricate work, and check her tutorial out for yourself...

We have had many whacky hairdos this year.

We're only 9 months in, but 202o has been delivering some serious looks.

Remember holographic hair?

Women far and wide started dyeing their hair to give it a shimmery holographic effect and, can I just say...

It looks incredible.

If only I had the energy to individually bleach and dye every strand of my hair. Damn.

There has been "nature" inspired hair, too.

Hairstylist, Ursula Goff, created some seriously impressive styles that were inspired by nature.

It is simply mesmerizing.

Why can't I have solar-system inspired hair?

And then came the lavender trend.

Women started coloring their locks with a beautiful shade of lavender, and it looked gorgeous.

2020 has certainly been delivering in the hairstyle department...

We are here for these purple locks.

And, just when you thought 2020's hairdos couldn't get any more exotic...

Along comes a style we never knew we needed.

Seventeen-year-old Milena Diekmann is a self-taught hairstylist.

No matter what colour, or texture, Diekmann's canvas is hair.

The styles she creates uses the same techniques which can be seen in basket weaving and macrame.

She has truly found ways to incorporate these knit patterns into something completely different.

There's really no end to her creativity.

Take a look at Milena's best work below...

She started off with regular braids and her passion flourished.

As you can see, there's nothing like this out there already.

Milena said in an interview how she’s always enjoyed working with long hair.

She started off with simple hair styling.

But soon became bored when she'd exhausted all the braids out there already.

This led to her experimenting with styles that would be considered out of the ordinary.

The method she uses to make these hairstyles are so intricate.

Milena loves practicing the “scissor waterfall braids" and “basket weave braids."

These woven compositions are beyond amazing.

Resembling the way people weave baskets, using branches to make ornaments and furniture.

Milena styles the hair then models them herself...

...Using different colored wigs to show off her talents.

Eventually, she wants to become a celebrity hairstylist or do wedding hair for women on their big day.

And she has already gained quite a following online.

People are flocking to her Instagram.

She has already been spotted by a range of famous faces, which gives her the motivation to keep going and to post daily, which can be hard work.

She started just last year and has grown substantially in just a short amount of time.

Her Instagram account already has over 30,000 subscribers!

Her favorite hairstyle so far is the “crisscross basket weave braid."

And has over 20,000 likes so far and many reposts, and it's easy to see why.

Just like a true artist, she likes to teach others how to do these lovely hairstyles. Check out her video below...

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