An eighteen-year-old teenager was shot while out on a first date with a TikTok star, who was also shot at the scene, her father has revealed.

Rylee Goodrich, from California, was shot point-blank at the back of her head while she was out on a date with her new boyfriend, nineteen-year-old Anthony Barajas. The pair decided to spend their time together at the cinema when they were shot from behind by twenty-year-old Joseph Jimenez, who has since been arrested

Speaking to the Daily Mail, her father, David Goodrich said: "she was so f****** happy" about seeing Barajas, and "[he] could tell she really, really liked this boy. And he really, really liked her."

"They were so excited for their first date... She curled her hair all pretty."

Goodrich explained how the teens met over the 4th of July weekend and started pursuing a relationship.

"'She met this guy over summer, I think at a party on the third or fourth of July. My first inkling, he was this TikTok influencer, and I rolled my eyes like 'are you kidding me? Really, that's your future?' But her mom was very much give the guy a chance.'

"I met him once before he went to Hawaii a few weeks ago. And then he came back from Hawaii and she was so excited. This sweet, sweet boy came with a bag full of souvenirs for all of us. It was the sweetest thing I've ever seen an eighteen-year-old do."

Barajas apparently took Rylee to her favorite place to eat before the couple went to watch the latest installment of the Purge movies. Only 6 tickets were sold for the viewing, 2 of them being the teens. Little did they know that Joseph Jimenez had entered the cinema, armed with a gun. Both teens were shot in the head, instantly killing Rylee and leaving Barajas brain dead in hospital.

Their bodies weren't discovered until after the movie was over. Police arrested Jimenez on suspicion of murder, attempted murder, and robbery. The Corona Police Department said: "There is no known motive and it appears to be an unprovoked attack," but they discovered Rylee's wallet at the killer's home. "They found my daughter's wallet at his house, which means it was a robbery homicide. From what I understand it was a random thing."

He continued: "She never even had a chance. He basically shot her point blank behind her head. Then he shot her new boyfriend behind his head. He was able to flinch so it went through his eye, so he was able to survive.

"I don't know if they've taken him off life support but I think he's brain dead."

Goodrich revealed that Rylee was texting her mom just moments before the fatal shooting. Rest in peace, Rylee.