A pair of teenage boys have single-handedly launched a no-contact delivery service that ensures their elderly neighbors receive their groceries.

And who said that the younger generation is doomed?

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Amid this ongoing medical crisis, it is the elderly who are by far the most vulnerable.

Alongside those who suffer from existing health conditions, elderly people are at the highest risk of contracting the virus.

Those of an older age tend to have a weaker immune system...

So it is of the utmost importance that they avoid contracting the virus at all costs.

This means that they are to remain indoors as much as possible.

Therefore meaning they have to rely on the help of others to complete menial, everyday tasks.

But, with the current social-distancing regulations in place...

This is proving to be easier said than done.

It's an incredibly isolating time for these people.

Without anyone being able to visit them, many of the elderly have been finding themselves quite literally stuck at home and unable to leave their houses for essentials.

And, while some are lucky enough to have family members to drop off their essentials...

Others are completely alone, with no one to rely on.

But, upon hearing about this heartbreaking reality...

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Two teenage boys were inspired to make a difference.

Matthew Casertano and Dhruv Pai aren't your average teenagers.

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The two youngsters, both from Maryland, have been out of school for weeks, so they decided to use their free time proactively.

Instead of watching TV and playing videogames like most other boys their age...

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Dhruv, sixteen, and Matt, fifteen, decided to lend a helping hand to the elderly citizens in their neighborhood - While fully equipped with hand sanitizer, gloves, and face-masks, of course.

The boys started delivering groceries to the doorsteps of their elderly and vulnerable neighbors.

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"We were both helping out our families, delivering groceries to our grandparents, and we thought 'what about the people who do not have family in the area?'" Matt explained of the origins of their idea to CNN.

But it didn't end there.

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The boys were inspired to take their gestures even further... By launching a full-fledged organization.

Matt explained:

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"'What if we started some organization to connect teens to the senior citizens and anyone who has a compromised immune system, where going outside is a substantial risk to them?'"

Queue the birth of Teens Helping Seniors.

The boys have single-handedly, and amazingly, designed an official, no-contact delivery service.

But how exactly does this service work?

Senior citizens simply email their grocery list and are then connected with a volunteer teenager living in the local area.

There's absolutely no face-to-face contact...

And the volunteers leave the groceries at the front door and pick up the cash or cheque left for them to cover the costs.

The volunteers follow a strict sanitization routine, too.

Dhruv explained, "The teen will have the proper sanitation equipment, and they will wipe down all the surfaces, following CDC guidelines."

And, once the groceries have been delivered...

The volunteers are able to "follow up" their service over the phone with their customers, just to make sure they had delivered everything that was ordered.

But it isn't just about the deliveries.

It's about ending the gruelling loneliness and feels of isolation amongst those quarantining alone. "A lot of these seniors need someone to talk to and the opportunity to connect for a bit," explained Dhruv. "It inspires me that we might be able to bridge the generational gap."

News about the teens' service was quick to spread...

As the demand for deliveries grew, so did the volunteers - There are now sixty-five teenagers delivering groceries across several different counties, and over eighty deliveries have now been completed.

And it is still growing.

They have heard from teens from other states who want to start their own service, and they have this advice for them: "So if a teenager wants to start a similar project in their area, they can email us at TeensHelpingSeniors@gmail.com. We have a lot of resources to manage volunteers, deliveries, we even have a website that they can use. We will give it all to someone who wants to do this." Matt explained. "You will be surprised, just like we were, at how many of your peers will join you on something like this."

What an amazing accomplishment.

These boys are leading an amazing example for teenagers far and wide. For more on selfless gestures during this pandemic, keep scrolling to read about how Tyler Perry surprised elderly shoppers in the best way...