Teeny-Tiny Animals That Will Make You Squeal and Cry | 22 Words

There are two things that we can all agree on.

First of all, animals are great. Whether it's a pet or an amazing creature you encountered in the wild (or saw on the Internet), animals are one of the best things the Earth has going for it.

Secondly, small animals are even better. There's something about a teeny tiny creature that instantly makes everyone stop what they're doing and start to fawn over the little guy or gal. Again, it might be a pet or an animal you see as you're walking outside. Never has the phrase "good things come in small packages" been truer than when referring to little animals. You want to pick them up and smoosh them and love them forever. Though they may be tiny, they capture a big part of your heart.

They also might make you cry a little bit.

It's OK. I understand. So, are you ready to have your heart stolen by some minuscule critters? Then let's get to it.

This bunny:

Look at this little bunny! Their head is bigger than their body.

This snake:

I'm not a huge fan of snakes, but I'm a fan of this little snake. 10/10, would let it slither on my hand.

These best friends:

I didn't even know they made harnesses that small. It looks like a holder for ponytails.

This kitten:

Did you hear that tiny meow?! I think my heart is liquid now. It's completely melted.

This kitten, too:

Yes, that little tiny kitten does need that gigantic bed. Thanks for asking.

This lil frog:

I'm sure he makes little squeaks instead of the full "ribbit" sound. And how convenient that he's smaller than a penny! Wouldn't you love to have a little pocket frog friend?

This octopus:

So tiny, with so many tentacles.

This pug:

Smol bean from aww
He looks like a little loaf! Look at those wrinkles!

This turtle:

And this little fella is slightly bigger than a penny! I like to imagine that he is best friends with the tiny frog and they both posed with the same penny.

This puppy:

A drinkable bath! What a brilliant invention.

This hermit crab:

OK, stop the presses! Did you know hermit crabs could be this tiny?

This kitten:

There are tears coming out of my eyes and I don't know what to do about it. All I want in life is to nuzzle that kitten.


OK, I'm going to need a big, fluffy dog and a teeny tiny baby kitten brought to my office, immediately.

This puppy:

Are there a lot small puppies on this list? Yes, there are. Are you complaining about it? I didn't think so.

This crab:

If I ever came across this tiny crab, I would 100 percent be pinched after trying to give it a little kiss.

This spider:

This is the only spider I would invite into my home. I'd give him a little cookie crumb and drop of tea and ask him all about his day.

These baby hedgehogs:

I'm trying to believe that these are cute, but I'm not 100 percent there yet. I am glad they exist, though. They get a lot cuter as they age.

This bunny:

What's that? You wanted to know what's it like to hold a bunch of living marshmallow fluff? It's pretty much exactly like this.

This puppy:

Someone needs to pick up that puppy and kiss her on her head right now. I mean it.

This gecko:

He has so much to climb and so much to discover! Have a great life, little gecko friend!

This lizard:

Someday he'll grow up to be a beautiful dragon. For now, he's a cute little fella who wants to be your best friend.

This pig:

The grass is taller than this pig. I repeat: the grass is taller than the pig.

This pup:

I think everyone should have a puppy just like this. It'd make the world a better place.

This hot dog:

Oh whoops, I mean puppy. That's a puppy! Looks like he has his Halloween costume figured out!

This pup who just wants to go outside:

If this puppy lived in my house, I would be broke from trying to give him everything his little heart desired. And I would not regret it even a little bit.

This bunny:

I would pay one hundred dollars to switch places with the person in this picture at this very moment. I am not kidding. I have cash.

This little puppy on a big bridge:

The world is so big! He is so brave!

This pup:

How do you measure the size of your puppy? This little guy is the size of a can of beans!

This kitten:

from cats
This is a much better idea than wearing socks. I've got to get myself a couple kittens. Share this with someone who loves tiny friends like these!