Televangelist Who Blamed Pandemic on 'Sin of Fornication' Dies of COVID-19 | 22 Words

A televangelist who spread harmful propaganda about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has died - somewhat ironically - from coronavirus.

Here's what we know so far...

Reverend Irvin Baxter is the latest casualty of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.


However, his death had made headlines this week as a result of some questionable comments he made regarding the deadly virus prior to his death.

Baxter had some strong views on coronavirus, to say the least.

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The reverend, who was known for hosting the biblical prophecy television program, End of The Age, made some wild accusations about the virus before it claimed his life.

And now, in the wake of his death...

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His comments are coming back to haunt his memory.

Now, as you will all be aware, the coronavirus pandemic is not a laughing matter.

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The virus, which is believed to have originated from Wuhan, China, started circulating the globe at the start of the year and, ever since, things have been nothing short of diabolical.

The virus spread like wildfire...

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And, at the time of writing, there are now over 51 million documented cases globally.

Of course, immediate action was taken by most major countries to tackle the virus.

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All over the world, many countries started locking down as their residents quarantined in the safety of their homes.

Of course, we weren't one of them.

But let's not get into Donald Trump's abismal handling of the pandemic, shall we?

It was a dark time for the world...

And people and small businesses alike suffered tremendously. But, thankfully, the imposed lockdowns had a (mostly) positive effect upon the transmission levels of the virus, and thousands of lives were saved.

However, not everyone has been taking the virus so seriously.

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From all over the world, we've seen people openly deny the pandemic, slam it as a government conspiracy, and take to the streets in protest.

It has been truly shocking.

There's nothing quite as blood-boiling as the sight of unmasked people squashed in like sardines at an anti-lockdown protest, is there?

Well, there's maybe one more thing...

Various right-white conspiracy theorists have been claiming that the virus is simply "punishment" from God for all those who have sinned.

And this brings us back to the story of Reverend Irvin Baxter.

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Now, Baxter already had a long history with controversial claims and theories - the Texas-based pastor was known for his doom-mongering doomsday prophecies and repeated preaching against homosexuality.

He would cite Bible passages when calling for gay people to be “put to death"...

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And would publically rage against same-sex marriage and the acceptance of LGBT+ people in Christianity.

And he fared no better when it came to the coronavirus pandemic.

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When the virus first hit the United States in March, Baxter had blamed “the sin of fornication" for the pandemic.

He had said this:

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“There are 7.5 million couples living together in the United States, this is not worldwide, just in America. 7.5 million couples. That means fifteen million people that are living together unmarried."

He continued:

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“If we think we can just ignore God and live a sinful lifestyle, well, we cannot do it. You know, I believe in what you’re saying, that God may be using this as a wake-up call."

He even went as far as calling the pandemic - which has claimed the lives of over a million people - a "privilege."

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"This coronavirus may be a privilege, because I’ll tell you right now, there’s a much bigger judgment coming. It’s in the Bible."

Well, he made his comments with a little too much confidence...

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Because, last week, he passed away as a result of complications caused by coronavirus. He was seventy-five-years-old.

He had been hospitalized for a week before his death, according to Endtime Ministries, the Pentecostal Christian organization he founded.

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“Irvin went on to his great reward. We celebrate his life, but at the same time, there is sorrow, there is grieving," said Dave Robbins, his End of the Age co-host, in a statement.

Rest in peace, Reverend Irvin Baxter.

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