We've all had these interesting little coincidences in our lives; these people just documented theirs. | 22 Words

Have you ever had one of those "glitch in the Matrix" moments where a coincidence is so insane that it's almost creepy? These ten people definitely have.

While some of these are the result of unfortunate fashion choices, all of them will have you staring at your screen in utter confusion.

Oh, and don't feel bad if you can't find the phone in #7. It took me a really long time.

These tights are great for avoiding your boss at work.

If you squint your eyes, her legs totally disappear!

Go ahead...go back and look again. There are legs in there somewhere.


Eh, you might just have to take the poster's word for it. Let's just hope the custodian knows when to stop vacuuming so they don't take out her legs.

It's hard to believe that this one wasn't planned.

What, you just bought a shirt and matching bowl and didn't plan to use them at the same time?

If I were her, I'd probably throw that shirt away after vacation.

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Who wants to walk around looking like the interior of a dingy hotel?

This picture is seriously hypnotizing.

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And what a bargain! Two bucks for invisible shoes? How can you say no? As you'll see, even unlikely foods can match their surroundings a little TOO well...

Thank goodness there's a weight difference to help us distinguish between the two items.


While granite countertops are low-carb, they're not exactly easy on the teeth. If you're looking for negative calories, stick with celery.

What a delicious-looking counter top.

That pizza, on the other hand, looks less than appetizing.

This woman is clearly mortified by her choice of floor-inspired outfit.

Now she just needs a shoe-shaped hat to complete the ensemble.

Whoa. Was she going for "degrees of difficulty" in matching her outfit to not just one, but TWO backdrops?


What are the odds of that? NASA statisticians are no doubt on the case trying to figure out the likelihood.

This one is truly impressive.

Have you found it yet? Here's a hint: It's near the right side of the table.

Cute shoes!

These are essential for your first trip to NYC! ...unless you don't like people stepping on your feet constantly.

There's something strangely satisfying about this photo.

Plus that tile is great for camouflaging dirt. You'd never have to clean your shower!

Now somebody has to convince us that the shower walls (or the tiles at least) aren't made of coconut butter body scrub.


I mean, if they ARE made from the same thing, kudos on the sustainable materials, but one shudders to think what happens to soap walls when the water comes on.

We should all admire Cindy's commitment here.

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Although someone should get her off the floor so she doesn't get run over by a vacuum.

We've all had these interesting little coincidences in our lives; these people just documented theirs.


Maybe next time you'll take the same approach and share the #mildlyinteresting photos with the world. Or just ogle them in private for that bizarre sense of satisfaction they give us.