Long hair, don't care? Not quite. Long hair requires a lot more effort than our close-cropped brothers and sisters would ever know.

If you've got hair long enough for a ponytail, you probably know there's a lot you can do with it.

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There are a million different ways to go, but these simple tips will give you radically new looks with minimal effort, so give them a shot!

However, knowing "there's a lot you can do with it" and actually doing something with it are two different things.

You'll learn how to turn fantasy into reality with these helpful instructions and pick up AT LEAST one new look along the way.

If you're ready to get moving on this, nod your head.


Perfect. No time like the present.

Give it a lift.

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Lift your ponytail higher by putting two bobby pins in an "X" shape then drape your hair over it. It will make your ponytail look much fuller!

Teasing your hair is something that some people just don't think to do.


Sure, it may look like a dramatic exercise, but the truth is that the results are equally dramatic. You don't have to take our word for it, either.

Tease it. Tease it good.

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Tease your hair before putting it in a ponytail for more volume. You can also spray small sections with hairspray then tease it again when it's tied up.

Use a lipstick lid.

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You can get more bounce in your hair by using a lipstick lid. It's a little tricky to describe, but you can see the instructions right here!

You know what's better than ONE ponytail?


A pair of 'em.

Two is better than one in many cases if you're stuck looking for a new look.

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Make two ponytails, one above the other. It will make your hair look way longer if you then blend them by teasing both once they're down. See how right here.

Go sleek.

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You've seen Kim K. do it, but getting a sleek pulled-back look isn't hard. Smooth your hair with product before tying it up. Then, once it's pulled back and tied, spray the finished product with hairspray. Curls and color? No problem, as you'll see...

Go curly.

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Tie your hair back, then take random pieces of hair and hit it with a curling iron (3/4"). You're going more wavy than curly, so don't overdo it.

Live on the fringe.

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You can give your hair some messy fringe by just pulling pieces out from the base of the ponytail. Lay them around your face as a way to frame it!

Instead of using elastics, use bungees.

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They're better because they unhook, which means they're less likely to rip out hair!

Hide the hairband.

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You can easily cover them up with hair just by taking a section from the ponytail you've made with it, then just wrapping it around the hairband. Secure with a bobby pin, and you're set. Instructions here!

While this might be a lot to take in, it's certainly not the end of the road.

Adding color and texture will go a very long way in making sure that your look is yours alone. You have to admit, though, this is a pretty good start towards dealing with your long-haired worries.