Tennis Pro Silences Wimbledon Heckler In the Funniest Way Possible

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Wimbledon is a tournament known for its prestige, where serious athletes seriously compete for a serious title. But every once in a while, something hilarious (and amazing) happens.

So she challenged the backseat coach to pick up a racket and face the serve himself.

“Kim had said to the audience, ‘will I serve left or right?’ and I said ‘body serve’, and the next thing you know, she responded to my shout-out by saying, ‘do you think you can handle my serve?'” He told the BBC.

via : Complex

The sacred rule of tennis fashion.

Quinn wasn’t the least bit intimidated by the last minute costume change though. “I wasn’t leaving the court until I got to play against Kim Clijsters so did I pull them up? Absolutely and I’d do it again.”

Even Clijsters was rolling on the ground laughing! With everyone in regulation gear, the game (unofficially) proceeded. How’d he do?

But in the end, it was clear who the professional was. And though he lost the point, the match stayed friendly even after the stands had cleared.

And he even received a friendly response from the woman his daughters idolize.

“Before she was about to serve to me, she runs over to her bag, pulls out what I thought was a pair of shorts, but as she got closer I realised it was a skort,” he laughed.

via : BBC

Besides, he has some big plans for his new little piece of sports history.

But he doesn’t plan to keep the proceeds. In fact, he’s doing something quite noble with the money.

The Gavin Glynn Foundation is a local Irish charity dedicated to helping families of children with cancer afford the travel necessary to get the care they need.

We could all stand to be a little bit more like Chris Quinn.

“Life is too short to not say ‘yes’ to things like that.”  

You have to appreciate a man with such weirdly specific bucket list items.

Finishing the Tour de France in Chris Froome’s helmet.