Terrifying Images Show Scale of Beirut Explosion if it Happened in USA | 22 Words

As we watch on in horror as the situation in Beirut intensifies, many of us can't help but feel an overwhelming sense of relief that this horrifying situation would never rock a major city here in the States.

But what if it did? What if an explosion of that magnitude detonated in one of our cities?

Well, one woman has created visual maps that show just how devastating the damage would be if an explosion of this size was to occur in our country... And it is truly horrifying.

The city of Beirut is in a state of mourning.

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At around 6 pm local time on August 4th, a sudden and devastating explosion ripped through Lebanon's capital city.

The footage from the blast is truly horrifying.

Filmed by a witness standing around 10km away from the blast, the mushroom-cloud explosion could be seen rocking nearby buildings, shattering windows, and demolishing everything in its path.

Throughout the day, different videos of the explosion began to emerge...

And, as they did, the realization of the severity of the situation began to slowly sink in.

Hundreds of thousands of buildings were wiped out in the blast...

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Leaving nearly 300,000 people homeless.

Initially, it was unclear as to how many people were injured.

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But it has since been confirmed that at least 135 people have died, with a further 4,000 people suffering from grave injuries.

A search and rescue operation for those who are still missing is currently underway...

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So, sadly, the death toll is expected to rise drastically within the next couple of days.

At first, an explanation for the blast was nowhere to be seen.

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But it later emerged that a huge cache of ammonium nitrate, an explosive compound commonly used in the construction of bombs, had been stored at the building in which the blast had occurred.

The explosive material had been seized by the government 6 years ago...

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And was then placed at the explosion site, according to top Lebanese officials.

An accidental fire was sparked at the warehouse...

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And it was this fire that is believed to have triggered the explosion of the ammunition.

Officials have stated that they are working hard at finding the party responsible for the devastating explosion.

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In a televised statement, Prime Minister Diab was quoted as saying: "I will not relax until we find the responsible party for what happened, hold it accountable and apply the most serious punishments against it because it isn’t acceptable that a shipment of ammonium nitrate - estimated to be 2,750 tons - was in a depot for the past 6 years without precautionary measures being taken."

And now, 2 days on from the devastating event, footage from the aftermath continues to emerge online.

People can be seen wandering around, dazed and disoriented, amongst the crumbling builds and smoking rubble.

It is utterly heartwrenching to see...

A once vibrant and bustling metropolis now lays in smoke and tatters.

And satellite images of the city before and after the explosion have highlighted the sheer scale of the devastation...

It is going to take Beirut years to recover from this.

But images of the aftermath have made many of us wondering one thing.

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As more and more images of the harrowing disaster site emerge, many of us have been contemplating what the scale of the damage would be in our own cities.

Reports have claimed that the explosion was felt as far away as Cyprus in Europe...

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So, of course, it would have wreaked total havoc had it happened in our country.

Here's a graph that demonstrates the magnitude of the blast in Beirut.

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As you can see, the shockwaves reached as far as ten kilometers from the detonation site.

So, professional cartographer, Joanna Merson, decided to recreate this graph on the maps of different major cities.

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After spotting a similar viral picture, which was incorrect, Joanna took to Twitter to share the accurate graphs, writing: "This morning I woke up to see viral maps incorrectly comparing the damaged area of the Beirut explosion to London and New York. I have corrected the maps with a little thread to explain my corrections."

Firstly, she demonstrated it on a map of London.

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As you can see, the majority of the U.K's capital would have been fully wiped out in the blast.

And then, she demonstrated how Manhattan would have fared.

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As you can see, the damage from the explosion would have proven to be completely devastating for the residents of New York.

You can see Amanda's full post here.

Our thoughts go out to the people of Beirut.