It's no secret that we all love a good binge-watch, but it seems our TV watching habits could be more harmful than we thought.

A company has created models showing what binge-watchers will look like in twenty years time and it's absolutely terrifying. Although some people are pointing out one fact...

Keeps scrolling to take a look at the horrifying images for yourself...

There's nothing quite like settling into a binge-watching bubble.

Especially during lockdown.

It's truly addictive.

Kicking back, relaxing, and switching on your favorite show. What could be better?

The choices out there are endless...

Especially with all the streaming platforms you can sign up for.

From Netflix to Amazon Prime...

And even Disney Plus - there's really something out there to suit everyone's taste.

Of course, we all know that endlessly binge-watching isn't exactly good for your health.

It's not exactly rocket science to work out that slumping onto the sofa and not moving for hours won't do your body any good.

But this week, a model has been revealed to show what avid binge-watchers will look like in twenty years.

And it's absolutely terrifying. Keep scrolling to see for yourself...

2 decades of staring at a TV screen has horrifying repercussions.

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And this hellish reality has been envisioned for us in these models.

The folks over at Online Gambling have crafted 2 visceral models named Eric and Hannah.

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They have been designed to show us what our binge-watching obsession could look like from a cosmetic and health point of view.

Researchers from Online Gambling explained this further:

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"From obesity and posture damage to premature ageing and bloodshot eyes, these are just some of the nasty effects they gathered through their research."

That's not all...

"Sitting for too long puts persistent pressure on the pelvic region, which damages your glutes – causing backache, and pain in the hip region and ankles," they explained.

Who'd have thought binge-watching was this dangerous?

Sadly though, there's more than just physical repercussions.

Things on the psychological front don't look great either.

"Bingeing usually means you sleep less, often leading to depression and anxiety," the researchers explained. Yikes.

The models have been designed to show how spending your life wide-eyed in front of a screen for hours could look like.

And after seeing the terrifying images, people online have been left suitably disturbed. Keep scrolling to take a look.

Many were already pledging to reduce their screen time.

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The pictures have put the fear of God into people.

Others made this point.

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"20 years... most look like that now," joked one user. We feel ya on that one.

Some have already made peace with their fate.

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Not everyone is willing to give up the screen.

So, here's what you've all been waiting for.

The dreaded pictures.

The first is a close-up.

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Those eye-bags though...

This full body shot is equally as horrifying.

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This is a big no from us. Oh, and there's more...

And finally...

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There are no words. Similar models have recently been created to show what gamers will look like in years to come and it's even more terrifying than this one...