A terrifying warning has gone viral after a woman shared her story to TikTok after finding a bottle of water deliberately left on top of her car.

Initially the woman did not know why the bottle was left there, but after sharing the news to TikTok, she found out that the reality is horrifying.

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A woman has shared a terrifying story to TikTok.

Haley West TikTok

And things got much darker. But first...

TikTok is absolutely taking over the world.

It's pretty unlikely that you'll see a teenager who isn't obsessed with the social media platform.

But it isn't just teenagers who are obsessed with social media...

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The majority of us adults are too, with us posting every inch of our lives on these apps and communicating with others through them solely.

A lot of social media apps provide many purposes...

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People can actually earn a living through social media, such as selling things on Instagram or starting a business through Twitter.

But there are some apps that aren't so productive...

And TikTok is one of them!

A lot of people are struggling to understand exactly what TikTok is...

Basically, it is an iOS and Android app made for creating and sharing short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos.

It went viral pretty quickly ...

It was the world's fourth most downloaded app in 2018, beating Instagram and Snapchat - which is a pretty big achievement!

It has been argued that TikTok is better than Vine...

But who remembers Vine?

TikTok videos look a little something like this...

And it has to be said, the majority of them are rather entertaining.

Animals and TikTok are the best combination.

More and more people jumped on board the TikTok bandwagon and started getting their beloved pets involved.

The rise of superstars...

People began getting more and more creative, including autotuning this kitty's annoyed yowls.

Some are just plain weird...

It's a mystery as to what goes through people's heads when these types of TikTok videos are made.

It can now be established that TikTok is just a space for weird videos.

But some people still cannot get their heads around it!

But there's one new TikTok story that's taking the internet by storm.

And it's absolutely terrifying...

This is the story of Haley West.

TikTok Haley West

Who took to TikTok after an encounter in a parking lot left her visibly shaken.

She said that a man had followed her to her car.

TikTok Haley West

​And initially pretended that the car was his, before leaving a bottle of water on the roof of her car.

She explained in the video:

TikTok Haley West

"I'm literally shaking right now the weirdest s**t just happened to me. I'm leaving Fresh Thyme and I'm parked in this big parking lot."

She went on:

TikTok Haley West

"This guy was walking like kind of close to me, kind of not, but you could tell he was like staring at me while he was walking, and he yells over to me like 'hey what's your name?' and I just ignored him and I kept walking and he just kept following me.

"This man walks right up to my car and he's like, 'come check out my car it's nice it's a Lexus, you like it?' Like it's my car, though I didn't react to that because that would have given away that it's my car, although I think he already knows."

She decided to cross over the street to find help - and when she returned she noticed the bottle of water on her car.

TikTok Haley West

She explained:

When I came back out here there was a water bottle on my hood. I don't want that to correlate but that's never happened to me. I just wanted to say be aware of your surroundings at all times, especially if you're a woman, be careful out there.

And now the reason for the water bottle has been reported.


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Numerous sources have claimed that placing a water bottle above a car is a tactic used by traffickers and kidnappers to get you to exit your vehicle and take whatever is on top of the car.

Their advice is to leave it there, get help, or drive and let it fall off on its own...

Stay safe out there.