Football Legend Terry Bradshaw Blasts Aaron Rodgers for Lying About Being Vaccinated

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Aaron Rodgers has faced criticism online after he was slammed by Terry Bradshaw for lying about being vaccinated…


The news that Aaron Rodgers lied to fans that he’d been “immunised” from COVID-19 has shocked the NFL community…

But as it turns out, Rodgers was secretly unvaccinated and has been keeping the truth hidden until he ultimately tested positive for the virus on Wednesday.


Back in August, he told reporters: “Yeah, I’ve been immunized.”

“There’s guys on the team that haven’t been vaccinated. I think it’s a personal decision, I’m not gonna judge those guys.”

Rodgers added that he did “a lot of research” before getting the vaccine, blatantly lying to avoid being criticized.


Due to him catching Covid, Rodgers was absent from the Green Bay Packers during their game against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday…

And Terry Bradshaw, the NFL anaylst on Fox, was quick to jump on his back for lying about getting the vaccine.


“I’d give Aaron Rodgers some advice,” Bradshaw said during the show, as per Today.

“It would have been nice if he had just come to the Naval Academy and learned how to be honest. Learned not to lie. Because that’s what you did, Aaron. You lied to everyone. I understand ‘immunized.’ What you were doing was taking stuff that would keep you from getting COVID-19. You got COVID-19.”

Bradshaw was referring to Rodgers’ use of ivermectin, which many anti-vaxxers have used unsuccessfully to prevent getting Covid instead of taking the FDA-approved vaccine.


“Ivermectin is a cattle dewormer. Sorry, folks, that’s what it is,” Bradshaw continued.

“We are a divided nation politically. We are a divided nation on the COVID-19, whether or not to take the vaccine. And unfortunately, we’ve got players that pretty much think only about themselves. And I’m extremely disappointed in the actions of Aaron Rodgers.”

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