Model and social media personality, Tess Holliday, has stated on Twitter that she is anorexic and in recovery.

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Anorexia is a debilitating illness...

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People with the eating disorder try to keep their weight as low as possible with excessive exercise or restrictive eating, sometimes both.

Due to the lack of essential nutrients, the body can start to shut down.

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People suffering from the illness often have a distorted image of their bodies.

It's important to note that women and men of any age can get anorexia, but it's most common in young women...

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Now, leading model Tess Holliday, has shared online that she suffers from anorexia.

The model says she's struggled for years.

The 35-year-old model claims she has struggled with her relationship with her body for years.

She says that the disorder is "the result of a culture that celebrates thinness and equates that to worth."

And posted the announcement to Twitter.

She wrote:

I'm anorexic & in recovery. I'm not ashamed to say it out loud anymore. I'm the result of a culture that celebrates thinness & equates that to worth, but I get to write my own narrative now.

"I'm finally able to care for a body that I've punished my entire life & I am finally free."

Holliday decided to post the announcement after multiple comments on her weight.

Taking to Instagram, she wrote:

"To everyone that keeps saying 'you're looking healthy lately' or 'You are losing weight, keep it up!' Stop."

"Don't. Comment. On. My. Weight. Or. Perceived. Health. Keep. It. To. Yourself. Thanks✌🏻"

She also said that she is in the process of healing.

"I'm healing from an eating disorder and feeding my body regularly for the first time in my entire life."

When you equate weight loss with 'health' and place value and worth on someone's size, you are basically saying that we are more valuable now because we are smaller & perpetuating diet culture… and that's corny as hell.

""For folks like me that are trying to reframe our relationships with our bodies and heal, hearing comments about weight is triggering as hell."

It sets us back in our progress — and when people working on themselves see you commenting to me that way, it hurts THEM, not just me. I can take it (I shouldn't have to, but I can) but they didn't ask for that trauma, ok?

Holliday concluded her post saying:

If you can't tell someone they look nice without making it about their size, then baby, please don't say nuthin at all.

Holliday's posts were met with countless comments of support.

​However many others criticized her and questioned the legitimacy of her claims.

But Holliday didn't back down to the trolls.

She responded to them saying:

Not the 'but your fat how are you anorexic' comments. Y'all don't know how science & body works huh. My technical diagnosis is anorexia nervosa and yes, I'm still not ashamed. I'm too damn happy for y'all to even come close to dimming my shine.

And to others saying she can't love herself, Holliday said:

To everyone saying that I can't possibly love myself and have an eating disorder, that is the actual definition of loving myself.

"Being able to prioritize myself & to be in recovery."

"I'm more self-aware than any of my critics but you know, y'all go off."

Anorexia is not a laughing matter.

Nor are any eating disorders.

And it's sad that still in 2021, we have people mocking the likes of Tess Holliday.

No matter what you think about the model, nobody should be calling her out or questioning whether she truly does have an eating disorder.

Holliday without doubt knows best.

And deserves nothing but support - following her admission.