Texas Bakery ‘Overwhelmed’ With Business After Backlash Over Rainbow Pride Cookies

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A Texas bakery has been “overwhelmed” with business this week following some intense backlash online over their Pride-themed rainbow cookies in support of this celebratory month.

Confections is a small bakery based in Lufkin, Texas, owned by sisters Dawn Cooley and Miranda Dolder…

And a few weeks ago, the sisters decided to sell some iced rainbow cookies in the shape of love hearts in support of Pride month.
“More LOVE. Less hate. Happy Pride to all our LGBTQ friends! All lovers of cookies and happiness are welcome here,” they wrote on Facebook along with a snap of the colorful cookies.

The following day, the bakery shared a more somber post about the backlash they had received because of their support for Pride and the LGBTQ+ community.

‚Äč”Today has been hard. Really hard. We lost a significant amount of followers because of a rainbow heart cookie we posted. We received a very hateful message on our business page canceling a large order (5dz) of summer-themed cookies for tomorrow morning (that we just finished decorating) because of a rainbow heart cookie we posted. My heart is heavy,” the post stated.

The message added that the small business was already “struggling to stay afloat” and that, as a result of the cancellation, would now have a surplus of cookies for sale.

“If you love our cookies we will have an overabundance of them tomorrow,” the post continued, “Hopefully tomorrow will be better.”

And miraculously so, the next day was astounding.

Thanks to the power of social media and word being spread, customers were lined up around the block the next day to buy treats from Confections!
“All this attention on our small business is very humbling. Makes me nervous! Those who know me (Dawn) know how shy I am. In the eleven years we’ve been open we’ve never seen anything quite like this,” Dawn wrote on Facebook about the boom in business.

She added that her sister and their baker, Felicia, were incredibly “humbled and grateful and moved by this outpouring of love.”

“The last several people in our shop put money on their credit card for us to donate because there was nothing left to purchase… Giving it all to local animal rescues. We told the customers they could donate to that cause. They chose to do so.”

The attention has also won Confections new fans from across the country and its Facebook page now has nearly 50,000 likes.

“I am so glad to see all the in-town and out of town support, you are receiving. Sorry that people can be so negative. Stand up for being kind!” one fan wrote on Facebook.
“When things slow down a bit-let us know if shipping is possible. I’d like to support you,” added another person, “If shipping isn’t possible, I’ll buy some by phone/email and you can donate my cookies to a local LGBTQ org or children’s charity.”

It’s simply amazing to see small businesses thrive thanks to the kindness of others!

Happy Pride month, everybody!