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The overwhelming existence of climate change is all around us, but recently, it has hit Texas as well as other parts of America particularly hard...

Things have gotten so bad that people have been forced to evacuate their homes.

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Due to the addition of heavy snowstorms and below-freezing temperatures, the state has been left powerless in most areas.

And not only that, but twenty-three deaths have been reported so far.

​And as temperatures continue to fall, this number is set to rise.

Texans are doing their best to push through this difficult period...

But with little to no options, some have been forced to make do with what they've got.

One Twitter user has gone viral after he decided to post a picture of his ceiling fan.

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​And once you see what people have had to say about it, you'll understand just how dangerous the condition of some people's homes currently is.

​Now, when we think of climate change, we usually think of soaring temperatures...


And while that is the case for some part of the year, during the winter period, cold temperatures just get colder, as we have seen already.

According to The Guardian, professionals have noted that the heating of the arctic may be to blame for these crazy changes in the weather.


And especially for the snowstorms that have hit Texas recently.

They explained the situation:

"[Experts claim] there is evidence that the rapid heating of the Arctic can help push frigid air from the north pole much further south, possibly to the US-Mexico border."

This has led to power outages across the state for over 5 million people.

Ice and snow have also hit neighboring areas such as Oklahoma and Arkansas too.

And yet, some people continue to deny climate change's existence...

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In the wake of extreme weather conditions and natural disasters last year, The UN warned that we have just twelve years to limit climate change and prevent global warming from exceeding the maximum of 1.5C.

Several "climate deniers" believe that the rapidly rising temperatures are simply a result of the earth's "natural cycle," just like the ice age.


Although this has since been proven wrong after experts established that the climate change that we are experiencing is on a scale that far exceeds temperature fluctuations during the last 2 millennia.

The issue only seems to be escalating.

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If the future of our planet wasn't looking bleak enough, experts have now shattered the "we've got twelve years left" to act theory, claiming that political steps to enable the cuts in carbon need to take place before the end of next year, otherwise we will be in a very dire situation.

There is some hope, though...

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Just because many of the world's political leaders are failing to recognize the significance of the climate change crisis, it doesn't mean that other people aren't. In fact, there's a huge number of climate change activists who have been taking the world by storm, aiming to widen the conversation surrounding global warming and offer ways in which we can make a difference for the sake of our planet.

While much of the fate of the planet lies in the hands of politics, many climate change activists believe that, as individuals, we can still make a change.

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There are many reasons attributing to climate change, with fast-fashion and agriculture being the main 2 culprits that are having the biggest effect on the planet.

More people may be listening, but things still need to change.

July 2019 was the hottest month ever recorded by humans in history across Europe, highlighting the urgency to act.

And now that we've hit the winter period, things are looking just as scary as summer...

One Twitter user decided to post a picture of his ceiling fan in order to help other people understand just how bad things have gotten in Texas.

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And of course, the shocked reactions poured in.

Some even shared their own pictures...

Have a look for yourselves:

Now that is wild. Let's just hope Texas manages to survive this winter. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this horrendous temperature drop.

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