Exhausted Texas Domino's Employees Working Through Storm | 22 Words

As the snowstorms and freezing temperatures continue to hit Texas and other southern states, it seems as though another problem may be hitting citizens soon: A shortage of food.

A recent photograph of Domino's employees has gone viral and it has really shed light on the dire situation.

The shocking photograph shows them exhausted after so many people called in for food due to shortages in the area.


And within 4 hours, it was all gone.

And the aftermath was a truly disturbing sight...


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The news comes after a winter storm has started wreaking havoc in numerous southern U.S states...


And Texas is perhaps the worst affected.

According to The Guardian, professionals have noted that the heating of the arctic may be to blame for these crazy changes in the weather.

Especially for the snowstorms that have been brutally hitting the people of Texas.

They explained the situation:


"[Experts claim] there is evidence that the rapid heating of the Arctic can help push frigid air from the north pole much further south, possibly to the US-Mexico border."

Things have gotten so bad in the last few weeks that people have been forced to evacuate their homes...


And due to the addition of heavy snowstorms and below-freezing temperatures, the state has been left completely powerless in most areas.

And not only that, but twenty-three deaths have been reported so far...

​And as temperatures continue to fall, this number is set to rise.

Texans are doing their best to push through this difficult period...

But with little to no options, some have been forced to make do with what they've got.

People have been taking to social media to share their bizarre new living situations during the unbearable temperatures...

Including Twitch streamer Edwin Castro, who has been playing video games and streaming in the comfort of his car due to the power cuts.

This Twitter user shared this shocking photo of their fan...

That had literally frozen to the ceiling and had icicles dangling down from it.

This is something that hasn't been experienced for decades...

And right now, people aren't quite sure what to do.

Because Texas is usually a very warm state...

And people are feeling very unnerved seeing their swimming pools become completely frozen over.

Who knows how long this nightmare will last...


But sadly, it seems as if things are nowhere near close to returning back to normal as of yet.

As more and more people are seeing the severity of the situation, we're seeing scenes from the early months of the pandemic all over again.


Grocery shops are seeing customers by the dozen, coming in and grabbing whatever they can in order to feel more prepared for the current climate.

Shelves have been left empty as hundreds of people start buying excessively.


And this has led to a shortage of food in the area, for some.

So, a lot of people have been utilizing fast food places.


And the most recent place to be left decimated is none other than Domino's, where employees were left absolutely exhausted after only 4 hours.

Because so many people called to place an order, all the food ran out in the establishment.


And the scenes went viral, leaving everyone speechless.


Here's the picture:

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