Texas Grandmother's Home Ransacked by Thieves After She Froze To Death | 22 Words

A Texas grandmother's home has been ransacked by thieves just days after she tragically froze to death.

But, it's what the thieves took of with that makes this story even more heartwrenching...

Tragedy has hit Texas.

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More than fifty people have died as a result of the current conditions.

An extremely difficult thing to cope with at any time.

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But for one family it's been made much worse...

Their grandmother's house was ransacked by thieves less than a day after her passing.

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Now, over 4 million people have been left without electricity, heating, and hot water.


And even those who were lucky to have power in their homes saw a disastrous outcome as they were slapped with extortionate bills.

And even with people coming to help out...


Things are still looking pretty bad in the area.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been out on the frontline, trying to help as many people as she can.


The Democratic rep managed to raise a whopping 5 million dollars for the people of Texas, in order to help those who need it the most.

Ocasio-Cortez was using Act Blue, a fundraising tool, that can help her build an email list as she receives donations.


On Friday night, she even decided to fly over to the state to join fellow Democrat, Sylvia Garcia, to help distribute food and other supplies to those who needed it the most.

President Joe Biden has now declared a state of emergency in Texas.

Despite how dire things have become, the Senator of Texas, Ted Cruz, decided to fly himself, as well as his family, out to Mexico to enjoy the sun while the citizens of his state continued to suffer.

​He has been facing criticism from a lot of people, including members of his own party.

After the backlash, he flew back and has miraculously joined AOC and other politicians out on the frontline. Maybe that would have been commended more if he hadn't flown to Mexico during a natural disaster.

But regardless, at least he's finally out there doing his job.

Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas, has also found himself in some hot water after calling for several meetings about the issue, but not actually implementing enough action to help resolve the problem.

And because of this attitude from the leaders of the state, Texans have been suffering incredibly.


The current weather conditions are something that we haven't seen in decades.

And it's not just that one state. Other southern states have also been left without electricity and running water...


With so many people and their families being forced into unbearable living situations.

According to The Guardian, professionals have noted that the heating of the arctic may be to blame for these crazy changes in the weather down south...

Especially for the snowstorms that have been brutally hitting the area.

They explained the situation:


"[Experts claim] there is evidence that the rapid heating of the Arctic can help push frigid air from the north pole much further south, possibly to the US-Mexico border."

Things have gotten so bad in the last few weeks that people have been forced to evacuate their homes...


And due to the addition of heavy snowstorms and below-freezing temperatures, many states - in particular Texas - have been left completely powerless in most areas.

FYI, many southern states never see this kind of weather meaning that the majority of houses and buildings aren't equipped for below-freezing temperatures.

And not only that but fifty-eight deaths have been reported so far...

And as temperatures continue to fall, this number is expected to rise.

One of those deaths is Mary Gee...

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A Texas grandmother whose house was ransacked by thieves less than 1 day after she tragically froze to death.

Gee, known as "mama Mary" in her community, reportedly lost power in her Houston apartment over the night of February 15.

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As per Newsweek, she was found by family and police the following morning, but unfortunately it was too late and her death was ruled as hypothermia by a medical examiner.

Gee's granddaughter, Nicale Spencer Gee spoke to Fox 26 Houston about her passing and said: "I had just spoken to her."


"To just talk to somebody and you're joking on the phone with her, and then suddenly your next phone call is somebody screaming telling you they're gone is surreal."

While Rachael Cook, Gee's daughter, added: "I think she froze to death."

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"That's a terrible way to die."

But unfortunately, that's not where the heartbreak ends for Gee's family.


As less than one day after her body was found, Gee's apartment was torn apart by thieves who made off with her belongings.

The thieves stole Gee's television, stereo, and phone.


And worst of all, they took the army badges that belonged to Gee's son who passed earlier this year due to COVID-19.

Speaking about the burglary, Cook said: "The stuff was just ransacked and thrown. I really don't care about that stuff, I cared about her."

While as per Newsweek, her grandson Ronnie Spencer told Fox: "God has a plan for those people who came in here knowing she's deceased and did this."

How could anyone do that?


Our thoughts are with Gee's friends and family.