New Texas Law Will Make It Illegal to Chain up Dogs Outside

Have you ever walked past a spot, and melted at the sight of a dog, chained up outside, howling for its owner to come back? Me too.

Well, a new Texas law will make it illegal to chain up dogs outside, so you’ll no longer have to see them crying.

A new Texas law will make it illegal to chain up dogs outside as of 2022, and here’s why.

It has finally come to the attention of many, just how inhumane it is to leave our fuzzy little friends tethered up outside, and now, something is being done about it.

Would you like being tied to one place day in, and day out? No, we didn’t think so, so why would they?

On Monday Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill that now makes it illegal to tether up a dog outside.

The bill will come into effect on January 18th 2022, as per the Texas Tribune.

The Safe Outdoor Dogs Act, according to the Texas Humane Legislation Network, will: “Establish basic standards of shelter and care for dogs left outdoors¬†and clarify existing law to promote the safety of animals and the people around them.”

Unless a dog has access to shade via a shelter, clean water, and is shielded from harsh weather, it is illegal for them to be left unattended outside, with the exception of camping, hunting, and shepherding livestock, or agricultural, as per People.

Officers and animal control persons will also be allowed to help a distressed dog as soon as they see them now too.

Rather absurdly, there was a law, preventing law enforcement from stepping in to help a dog for twenty-four hours. But, that law has been scrapped too.

Oh, and if you break the law, it isn’t just a slap on the wrist you get, but first-time offenders will face a Class C Misdemeanor, paying a $500 fine, and if you’re a repeat offender, you’ll be looking at paying a whopping $2000, and up to 180 days in jail under the Class B misdemeanor, as per Complex.

State senator and author of the bill Eddie Lucio Jr. of Brownsville hopes that the bill will give dogs a “new way of life.”

Let’s hope so.