Texas Mom Accused of Putting Son in Car Trunk To Avoid Catching COVID Faces Charges of Child Endangerment

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The mom, who hid her child in the trunk of her car while waiting for a COVID test, is finally being charged for her actions…

The fourty-one-year-old teacher from Texas allegedly locked her thirteen-year-old son in the trunk of her car so she wouldn’t be at risk of catching the virus…

And surprisingly, many people have rallied around her in support, despite her “dangerous” actions.

Sarah Beam is now facing criminal charges of child endangerment after the stunt was reported to the authorities.

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The police were called after a witness heard noises coming from the trunk of her car. After the cops searched her vehicle they found her son. Beam’s argument was that her son had tested positive and she wanted to double-check without the risk of getting it herself.

However, the health worker refused to go through with the test until she allowed her son to sit inside the car, which Beam refused to do.

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Since the news came out, Cypress Falls High School, where Beam previously worked for over 10 years, has placed her on leave until her case comes to court.

Strangely, many locals have taken to praise Beam for her actions, with some writing “Best teacher ever” and “Teacher with a heart of gold” outside her house.

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Police Department Cy-Fair ISD said at the time: “CFPD was alerted that a child was in the trunk of a car at a drive-thru Covid-19 testing site earlier this week.

“Law enforcement conducted a full investigation, resulting in a warrant for arrest. Thankfully, the child was not harmed.”

The Texas Department of Public Safety Sgt, Richard Standifer, told news network KHOU 11 that her actions could have resulted in serious injuries for the boy if she had been involved in an accident.

“I have never heard of somebody being put in a trunk because they tested positive for anything,” Standifer said.

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