At Least 10 People Have Died in Texas Power Outages | 22 Words

As the colder weather grips certain parts of the US, one state has been hit by terrifying power outages, too.

And, to make matters worse...

The weather has proved deadly for some.

Every year, season follows season.

And yet somehow, every year, we seem to be surprised by the change in month - and all that comes with it.

And we're firmly in the colder part of the year.

And with the winter months come many different things.

But there is a huge downside to winter.

It's a time of year where the weather takes a rather unpleasant turn. Shivering is basically a wintertime requirement.

Because temperatures in one state have become dangerous.

Texans are grappling with horrific conditions this week.

What started as a storm has turned deadly.

As the electrical grid all across the state have begun to fail.

Blackouts have hit across the state.

With terrifying warnings that the situation shows no sign of improving.

"Whether you have power or not right now, there's a possibility of power outages even after today," Harris County Lina Hidalgo said during a press conference.


"I know things are bleak, and it's going to be a long week."

At least 10 deaths in the state are being linked to these awful conditions.


Alongside the dangers of the cold, carbon monoxide poisoning and tainted water supplies are also of concern.

And with no end in sight, it seems as though this number is set to rise.


Our thoughts are with Texas.