Following the tragic news of the death of Texas weather forecaster Kelly Plasker this week, her cause of death has finally been confirmed by her news station...

It is an unthinkable loss.

Kelly, who was only forty-two, died suddenly and unexpectedly over the weekend.

The broadcaster had become well known and loved across the state...

She was a prominent figure at KCBD, where she gave the weather forecasts every Saturday and Sunday on NewsChannel 11.

However, despite her success at the station...

Kelly had battled with her own demons throughout her life.

In February 2018, her nineteen-year-old son, Thomas Locke, committed suicide.

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Speaking about her son's death at the time, Kelly had said: "With somebody in the house, he still felt so alone that he made that choice. He was 2 weeks away from turning twenty."

Kelly was very open about her struggles in the months following her son's death.

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When discussing the Lubbock Police Department and its crisis team, she admitted: "If it hadn't been for the crisis team and Dr. Young, I would not have made it through that first month."

In more recent months, Kelly seemed to have been doing well...

And she had continued to throw herself into her role at the station.

However, over the weekend, disaster struck.

It was confirmed that Kelly had tragically died.

KCBD in Lubbock honored the late weather forecaster in an on-air tribute on Sunday night.

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News anchor, Kase Wilbanks, told viewers before the tribute that Kelly's "sudden death early this morning has broken our hearts."

In a statement, KCBD vice president and general manager, Dan Jackson, said:

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"We are deeply saddened by the tragic and sudden loss of KCBD weekend morning forecaster Kelly Plasker. Kelly was a dedicated member of the KCBD weather staff, well-liked by viewers and admired by her co-workers. Our deepest sympathies go out to Kelly's family in this time of great loss."

The statement continued:

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"We would like to thank the many viewers who have reached out through our social media channels in kindness and support to honor Kelly's memory."

Since the news broke, the tributes have been flooding in...

As Kelly's heartbroken friends and viewers alike come together in their grief.

The details surrounding her shocking death currently remained unclear for a while...

But her last ever Facebook post left some fans feeling a little concerned.

The broadcaster had written a lengthy Facebook status on her personal page...

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In which she accused her high school band director of being a predator.

She detailed the toxic relationship she had endured with this man...

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And explained how he had "snuffed out" her future. "He snuffed out my future and my ambitions in the most influential time of my life, my prime when I had so many doors and opportunities to explore but he was selfish convincing me that he didn’t want me to leave Lubbock Texas."

It was a difficult read.

She continued: "The bottom line I tried to encourage Jon to love Thomas but I have sadly learned that not only were Laura and I [sic] his students and victims of his inappropriate use of authority as an educator but have been contacted by more women with the same stories; only now realizing how perversely pervasive, things situations which are still happening in our school systems MUST STOP!"

She signed off with:

"Thanks all I needed to get out there as my final confession for the sins I am responsible for adding to the cross. I love you my friends. My brain is broken and I cannot take it anymore." You can see the full post above.

Understandably, her friends and followers are now horrified by the blatant cry for help.

Many commented on the post with their phone numbers, urging her to call. One user wrote, "Kelly stop for just a moment, breathe. We are not close but we know each other because of a hurt that most people can’t imagine. I am here call me. I am waiting to hear from you! I will listen." Another commented, "If anyone here knows where she lives, please go check on her now. Not kidding."

But, sadly, it was too late...

And now, KCBD has confirmed the weather reporter's cause of death.

KCDB News Anchor, Karin McKay, confirmed that Kelly had taken her own life.

"Now, this weekend, our sweet Kelly took her own life, a cry for help that she made very public on her Facebook page. But there were many other times that Kelly used Facebook in an effort to help other people avoid the road to suicide" she wrote.

Rest in Peace, Kelly.

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Our deepest sympathies go out to her family during this awful time. Keep on reading to find out about this year's celebrity tragedies...