'Text Neck' and 9 Other Modern Maladies We Have Now Because of Technology | 22 Words

Do you have "text neck"? Oh sorry, maybe you're not hip with the newest lingo in technology-related medical jargon. Tet Neck refers to a medical condition some people have started to develop where the position one assumes when looking down at their phone can leads to back and neck pain. Science has recently confirmed that not only is texting bad because everyone thinks you regular use "ducking" as a curse word, it's also straining our necks and possibly damaging our spines.

When we look down at our phones all the time, we are putting a ton of pressure on our necks.

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The human head weighs about 9-12 pounds (Thanks, kid from Jerry Maguire) but when we lean down to look at our phones, text, go on social media, play games, etc. we are putting an additional 60 pounds of pressure on our necks.

That's a lot of extra pressure!

Doctors says that this kind of strain can produce pain, muscle spasms, and even damage your spine.

To treat text neck, doctors recommend holding your phone up higher.

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The higher up you hold your phone, the less pressure you are putting on your neck. You also may want to visit a chiropractor for a spine re-alignment, if that' your thing. But really, maybe just use your phone a little less. Take a walk,  look up from the screen at your children, go to a movie and strain your neck the other way to balance it out (This is a joke, we do not recommend this as an actual treatment), that video of a cat playing a xylophone will still be there when you get back.

But don't worry, text neck is't the only malady you can get from using modern technology.

Pretty much everything we use on a daily basis is ruining our health, too!

You might be getting acne from using your cell phone.

How often do you clean your phone? Cell phones collect a ton of oil and bacteria and if you aren't cleaning yours regularly, when you talk on the phone, you may be giving yourself a breakout.

And if your cell phone isn't giving you breakouts, it might be making you sick.

Cell phones collect a lot of germs, after all we are touching them with our hands all day, every day. If you aren't regularly washing your hands and disinfecting your phone, your cell phone or tablet could be carrying germs that can make you sick, especially if your kid is using it, too. Make sure to clean your device and your hands and often as possible.

Your computer might be giving you wrist pain.

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Typing can put pressure on the nerves in your wrists, which can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. This causes pain, numbness and weakness in the wrists, all from you furiously typing up your San Trek fan fiction or whatever. Be sure to get something to support your wrists if you type a lot and take lots of breaks.

Playing video games can give you lesions.

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Palmar hidradenitisis a condition that causes painful lesions and skin irritation. It's usually found on the hands and feet of athletes, but recently some gamers have been diagnosed with the condition on their palms after playing video games for many hours in a row.

If you us a computer for more than two hours a day, you are at risk for developing computer vision syndrome.

Staring at a screen for a long period of time can give you headaches, dry eyes, blurry vision, and eyestrain. This can be avoided by taking a break from your screen every few hours, not working in a dark room with the computer screen on, and placing your screen at least 28 inches away from your eyes.

Wearing headphones could kill you.

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The headphones themselves can't kill you, but a lot of people in the US have died from being hit by a car, train, or bus that they couldn't hear approaching because they were wearing headphones. Be safe! If you're out and about blasting a podcast or your favorite album, make sure you are paying attention to what's around you, too.