‘Thalassophobia’ Is A Terrifying Thing You’ve Never Heard of but Probably Have

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There are many phobias in our world, some that range from the rational to the irrational. There are fears of things like clowns, spiders and small, enclosed spaces, but then there are also fears of things like jam, long words and mice. But there is another phobia that has recently been brought to the attention of the world, and it’s a phobia that a lot more people appear to have than anyone could have imagined. The phobia is called ‘Thalassophobia’ and you may actually have it.

The world is a terrifying place.

Our wonderful planet is full of things to be scared of.

Like Spiders.

A popular phobia in our world is arachnophobia, the fear of spiders.

Some people are scared of clowns.

I’ve never personally understood this one, but coulrophobia is another popular fear. Even Hollywood actor, Johnny Depp, suffers from an irrational fear of clowns.

There’s also a fear of small spaces.

Claustrophobia is another fear that affects a wide percentage of the planet’s population – small spaces are scary.

But not all fears make sense.

Of course some people are scared of some pretty random things.

Like Chromophobia.

Which is a fear of colours, which must be… hard.

I mean, everything is colours.

So I guess that’s one of the more complex phobias to have.

Or a fear of numbers…

Yep, Numerophobia also exists – and to be honest, I get it. Math isn’t fun.

But there’s another phobia you may not have heard of.

And it’s not exactly a irrational one.

As humans we do not understand everything about our planet.

This may sound strange, but its true. And as a rule, we as a species often fear the unknown.

This is called Xenophobia.

Yes, there’s even a name for that.

But that isn’t the fear were here to talk about.

No, instead the phobia we’re talking about is one that is connected to the unknown.

Our planet is full of places we have never explored.

Earth may be one of the smallest planets in our solar system, but it’s still huge from our point of view. And there are plenty of places we have never truly seen or explored.

The most obvious of these places being the sea.

Our planet is covered in oceans, and we still know so little about what lies beneath the waves.

And there is a fear of the sea and it’s greatness.

The fear is called Thalassophobia and it has recently taken the world by storm, with many people realising that they actually suffer from it.

And it makes sense.

Again, we as a species fear the unknown and the sea is a giant abyss of unknown stuff.

So now I bet you’re wondering something.

Do I have Thalassophobia?

Well how does this picture make you feel?

Feeling small and insignificant yet?

Or how about this one?

Look at how deep that goes!

We never truly know what the sea holds.

Something like this could be swimming just beneath us.

And how about this?

What would you do if you saw this in the water?

This could be in the water.

Just an example of the hidden secrets of the sea.

Does this terrify you?

Just remember, the sea goes even deeper.

The sea can also be a dark place.

Very little light penetrates to the bottom of the sea, imagine how dark it could be down there!

Want this to be you?

The sea can be a cold and cruel mistress.

Getting scared yet?

I’m sure that by now you’d know if you have this fear.

How does this look?

You never truly know what’s swimming alongside you.

I mean…

This would terrify anyone!

This giving you chills yet?

It is for me… that water looks freezing!

So, do you think you have it?

After all those pictures you must know if you’re a sufferer of Thalassophobia. But even if you are, it doesn’t matter – be you and be happy!