These Horribly Cringey Stories Will Make You Want to Crawl in a Hole and Hide

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Some people seem to glide through life with little to no effort. Some people never slip on the proverbial (or literal) banana peel of life. Things seem to work out for them. But I am not one of those people– and I am willing to bet that you are not one of those people either.

Like you and me, the people highlighted in this gallery have also experienced some awkward moments. These aren’t moments from which one recovers quickly. These are the awkward stories that leave you mortified at the time and only become funny years down the line when you start to tell them at holiday parties.

These awkward stories will make you cringe, and they’ll make you gasp! They will make you laugh, and they will make you thank whatever higher being there is out there that you are not that person. That is how awkward and horrifying these stories are.

These stories will make you say:

You might want to cover yourself with a blanket before you start reading this list because you will cringe. Hard.

Phantom recorder

To have to perform with a recorder in front of people is bad enough, but to have to do it with an imaginary one is even worse.

Wrong number

You can’t send that picture, with a “wrong number” text, and then explain nothing else! That’s bonkers!

Who diiiiiis

Maybe make sure that you know who is texting you before you send them obnoxious memes. I wonder if he got the job.

Puppy Problems

Look, if you name your band Puppy Problems, you should be prepared to dole out advice about people’s pets.

Calculated photo

— ⓙ (@jesssytxx) 1541958548.0

We have all opened our phone to the wrong app at the wrong time, but not all of us have had our picture snapped at that exact embarrassing moment.

Glare nails

This is hilarious. What would she even do if she discovered it while it was happening? You can’t say anything without sounding like a real meanie.

The final

Oh no! Poor Diego. Please, don’t be like Diego.


Next time, you have to be a little more specific about the instructions for the groomer because this is so bad it’s funny.

Matchy matchy

You don’t want to match the plates at the restaurant, but if you do, you have to just embrace it. This is your life now.

Beginner art class

You have to watch this video to the very last second. It’s so good.

Same hair

He looks so uncomfortable in that picture on the left. I bet this surfer dude never thought he’d be “twins” with a mom from the Midwest.

Garbage toss

Again, it’s the last split second of this video that really makes it. It’s too funny. This is a valuable lesson for all.

Cutting board

Cutting boards and computers can be similar weights and sizes, as this embarrassed person found out. She should have taken out a carrot and started chopping.

New credit card

To be fair, it is probably much harder to steal and use this credit card for in-person transactions So maybe that’s the silver lining?

Cheese string pencil

This is amazing. This is the image that the school wants to promote? A guy who can’t even tell his writing instrument from his lunch?

Dirty gift

“Why did you scream, honey?” “Oh, I am just so excited for my Yeti cup holder!”

Drumstick accident

Next time a famous musician does that super cool move where they throw their drumstick into the crowd, think of the poor, unlucky audience member who got smacked in the face with it.

Covered message

That’s a lot to take in. He should consider using the zipper.

“She got dick”

She meant sick! She meant sick! She meant sick! How does one recover from this, I wonder.

Nasty gal

This is so funny. I hope she got free Nasty Gal pants for life.

Lettuce head

To be fair, he thought she looked really hot with the lettuce on her head and he was looking at her super sensually.


Could you imagine if this is how your mom found out about your nipple piercings? That had to be one awkward ride home from the hospital.


At least he’s super cute, right? Right?

Nap buddies

The good thing is that now they’re bonded for life and they woke up best friends and now have matching “Nap Buddy” tattoos. OK, none of that is true, but that would be really special.

Sock thief

Oh, my god. Washing machines really can eat socks. I feel so vindicated.

Too loud

When your whole family is texting each other complaining about your sex sounds, that is awkward. For you.


“LOL, your GPA. Hilarious that you got a tattoo about your grade point…Oh, no. I’m so sorry for your loss.”

Have a good baby!

I mean, “Congratulations!” comes to mind. Short. Succinct. Way more appropriate than “Have a good baby.”


Listen, you just have to accept that every dentist appointment is going to be the most embarrassing hour of your life. Share this with fellow awkwards!