The 10 Best Dry Erase Boards for Your Daily To-Do List

I am an absolute to-do list freak. If there are tools that can be used for organization, I’ve definitely tried them out. I love using a dry erase board to write my to-dos. If I can see everything that needs to get done, I won’t lose my place. So who else would be the right person to discover the best whiteboard?

I’ve combed Amazon to find the best dry erase boards available, and listed them all out here. Of course there isn’t just one best dry erase board. There’s the best whiteboard for school, the best whiteboard for your home office, the best mobile whiteboard, and the best small whiteboard. Finding the option that fits your needs is a tough order, but lucky for you this list not only shares the best options, it also tells you what they’re the best for.

And if you’re not sure whether you could use a dry erase board, let me just remind you that they are perfect for building ongoing to-do lists or creating your daily list of tasks and to dos. You can use them collaboratively with your family or just use it yourself. The very best part? If you need to doodle, make a few notes, or add bits and bobs to your list, these boards are perfect for constant updates.

But not just any whiteboard will do. I’ve found the best dry erase boards that will work perfectly no matter what space you have. If you want to get organized this year, adding a dry erase board to your suite of organization tools is a great choice.


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Plan your week

Our first dry-erase board is the perfect addition to any fridge. It’s magnetic, so it sticks to the fridge easily, and it has a lovely layout to help you plan meals, groceries, and other notes. I particularly like that this dry-erase is black: it stands out a bit more than the whites, and if you’re not a fan of the white aesthetic it’s nice to have another option. This is the best dry erase board if you want to keep your food organized.
Plus it comes with some pens that won’t poop out on you. They’re bright and beautiful and keep showing up.


Simple and versatile

I personally like my planning to be done on my own terms. I set up my own planners and to do lists so that I can keep track of what’s important to me instead of what someone else decided was important. That’s why I like this completely blank white board. It comes with three markers and an eraser, it’s magnetic, and it’s sizable (12×8), so I can create any kind of list I want with ease. Free spirits unite around this versatile board.


The three planner pack

Oooh this is a planner’s dream. This set of three planners lets you see all your to dos on a variety of levels. There’s a monthly layout so you can note events and deadlines, a weekly layout to see what’s coming up soon, and of course a day to day notepad to write down your to dos.
I think that this is the best white board for a home office. I’ve always been a fan of having multiple planner layouts so that I can see long term or immediate needs. With these three white boards you can have an always refreshing planner.

The classic

This white board is a bit more old-school: it has a frame around it and looks more like what I had in junior high. But I love that aesthetic and I love that it comes with a couple of extra magnets so that I can add any notes or materials that I need for my tasks.
Plus it comes with six markers, which is a bigger selection than many of our dry erase board options. This is the best white board if you need something small and simple.

The Chore Chart

Chore charts are typically used for families with kids, but I’m going to let you in on a little secret: they’re also great if you’re just trying to build habits for yourself. You can add any habits or tasks you want to do on the lefthand side and track which days you did them throughout the week. This is the best whiteboard for managing your family.
I also love the multiple marker colors so that you can color code whose tasks are whose. Whether you’re organizing six people or just one, this is a great tool for keeping up on your around the house work.

Modular? Yes please.

This option isn’t so much a board as a variety of dry-erase sticky notes. I’m in LOVE with it. Post-it Notes are absolutely great, but when you’ve got fifty handfuls of them littered around your desk they’re a bit less great. These dry-erase notes let you write down your thoughts in the moment without cluttering up your whole workspace and wasting tons of paper. I also love that you can move them around to set up your to do list in the order you need and respond as new tasks come up. It’s a wonderfully flexible tool that can support all kinds of planning systems.

Get your week straight

This weekly dry erase board is a great option if you want some structure but also a fair amount of freedom to format it the way you want. You have your days laid out nicely, but you can put any content you want inside those boxes. I love this because you can adjust your to do lists based on what’s happening each week. Maybe one week you want to make meal plan notes, but the next week it’s all about appointments. Do what works for you!

A Wide Open Space

Do you want ALL the space for your notes? This magnetic dry erase board is the right option for you. It’s 11×17, so there’s plenty of space for you to doodle, make notes, add color, and create a beautiful to do list that meets all your needs. I also especially love the colors these markers come in: they’re a bit more pastel than neon, which is nice if you’re not a fan of the super brights.

Get fancy

I really like the layout of this weekly planner white board. There’s plenty of space in each day to put all the notes that you want, but also some general notes space along the bottom. I find that it’s good to have the general notes area so that I can add reminders, encouragements, or general thoughts.
Plus it has a really lovely header that makes the calendar look professional. This would be my pick for best whiteboard to use at your office.

Short and simple

If you don’t have a ton of notes to keep, this dry erase board could be your perfect fit. There’s small boxes for each day, a shopping list section, and a notes section. I’m a big fan of the different colors so that I can easily tell which day I’m looking at. This would be an ideal option for meal-planning or writing out appointments.

The whiteboard with space for all your needs

If you’re outfitting a home office or a classroom, you want a big whiteboard that will fit all of your ideas and thoughts. This is that whiteboard. It’s a full 36×24 inches, which gives you plenty of room for any kind of notes, ideas, brainstorming, or lists. And it’s magnetic, so you can add any extras you might need.
This would be my choice for the best large whiteboard available.

The Best Mobile Whiteboard

This option is definitely a little bit pricier, but it’s also the best choice if you’re looking for a mobile whiteboard. It comes on wheels, so you can move it from room to room. It’s great for a classroom, or if you’re shuffling around at home. I particularly love it if I want to be able to use my whiteboard for brainstorming, then slide it somewhere out of the way. Definitely the best mobile whiteboard.

The Best Portable Whiteboard

If I’m going to be taking my work with me, I love this small whiteboard that has an easel function. You can prop it up anywhere you go, which makes it my top pick for best portable whiteboard.