It happens to all of us: You accumulate so many cords behind your TV stand or computer monitor — and before you know it, you can't figure out where one cord begins and another wire ends. That's why it's time to figure out how to manage your cords and cables once and for all.

Wondering how to hide cable wires? What about how to organize cords? Great questions. The first place to start is by searching for and buying a cable organizer or cable hider.

Don't worry: We did the heavy lifting and found the best products to manage your cords, wires, and cables on Amazon. Now all you have to do is pick your favorite.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

Shintop Cable Clips

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Don't let these adorable Shintop Cable Clips fool you: They're actually insanely useful. Made in fun and bright colors, these cable clips hold wires to keep your cables neat and tidy. Featuring an adhesive tape on the back of each clip, put this handy item on a desk or attach it to a wall. Then string your cables through the middle, and you'll be good to go. Goodbye forever, jumbled cables.

Bestfy Cord Organizer System Cable Management Sleeve

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Looking for a large electronic cord organizer? It's time for you to try out the Bestfy Cord Organizer System Cable Management Sleeve. This wire cover is complete with a zipper, allowing you to place cables from your TV, computer, or other devices through one central location. Even better, for $10 you'll get a pack of four cable organizers. Consider it one for each room in your home.

SOULWIT Cable Holder Clips

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Made of silicone, these handy SOULWIT Cable Holder Clips will keep your cables organized and in place. Once you insert a cable into a slot — such as a mouse cable, audio cable, or charging cable — there's no chance it'll fall out and create a mess. Plus, these cable clips work great on surfaces like marble, plastic, wood, glass, metal, and even rubber.

D-Line Cable Raceway On-Wall Cord Cover White

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In search of a cheaper, cleaner, and easier way to hide wires than opening up your wall and running them inside? Check out the D-Line Cable Raceway On-Wall Cord Cover White. With a unique half-moon profile, the D-Line cable hider is a pro at blending in with baseboards and walls. This way, you'll discreetly hide wires and cords without calling a contractor. Just think of this as home improvement magic.

JOTO Cable Management Sleeve, Cuttable Neoprene Cord Management Organizer System

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The JOTO Cable Management Sleeve, Cuttable Neoprene Cord Management Organizer System is flexible, durable, and customizable AKA everything you need to successfully hide cable wires. This 130-inch sleeve can be cut to your desired length to fit your cables. Plus, DIY holes along the sleeve provide numerous exit points for cables, if needed.

PASOW Cable Ties Reusable Fastening Wire Organizer Cord Rope Holder

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Complete with 50 pieces, these PASOW Cable Ties Reusable Fastening Wire Organizer Cord Rope Holder are an absolute lifesaver. Perfect for computer, appliance, and electronics cables, keep all kinds of wires organized and clean by wrapping them with these reusable and flexible fabric ties. Plus, they're available in a range of colors to match anyone's personal style.

JOTO Cable Management Sleeve

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This flexible JOTO Cable Management Sleeve is beloved by Amazon reviews — over 4,000 of them, to be exact. With a near-perfect rating, this form-fitting cable sleeve is an easy and efficient way to hide cable wires. This cable sleeve works especially well for wires behind TV entertainment systems and computer monitors.

Wiremold Floor Cord Management Kit

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Priced at under $15, the Wiremold Floor Cord Management Kit is a favorite on Amazon. With more than 3,000 positive Amazon reviews, this floor cord cover is a simple way to conceal wires anywhere in your home, from along baseboards to along countertops. You can apply this cover to any surface, and installation is quick and easy. Even better, this product is available in a range of colors and sizes to suit your specific needs.

MEETWARM Cable Management Boxes Organizer

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Instead of concealing a single cord, use the MEETWARM Cable Management Boxes Organizer as an all in one. This product will help you reclaim floor space by putting every single cord inside one spot, with a convenient opening to string all wires through. With two outlets on either side of the box, safely manage and customize your cable wires with this item.

Nature Supplies Rustic Wooden Cable Management Box Cord Organizer

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Wondering how you can stylishly hide cables and wires? This Nature Supplies Rustic Wooden Cable Management Box Cord Organizer is a great option to conceal cables and wires in a chic and well-organized way. Made of real wood, this item is available in four natural-looking colors to please any environment. Further, they're pet- and child-friendly.