The 10 Commandments From a Dog’s Perspective Will Break Your Heart

Many pet owners would agree that we don’t deserve our furry friends and the unconditional love they provide our families. While we may not be able to have a full conversation with our pets, each owner creates a unique language with their furry baby, and often, it feels like they really understand us.

What we bet you didn’t know is that there are 10 dog commandments that every owner should know in order to truly understand their four-legged friends. Keep scrolling to see the universal commandments that will help you to properly honor your pet. However, if you’re not ready to abide by these, the harsh reality is that you may not be ready to care for a dog!

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This one is a harsh dose of reality to hear about our beloved furry pals, but it’s true for most breeds and mixes. Treat them with love, respect, and sweetness for those 10 to 15 precious years they’re on this planet.


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We often think our dogs are as smart as we are and can catch on to our demands quickly. But it’s important to remember that they often need more time and training to catch on. Be patient, and as time goes on, your pet will learn what you’re asking of them.

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Trust is built over time, and you and your dog will eventually trust each other thanks to your unbreakable bond. But it takes time to build! Be patient with yourself and your four-legged family member while you build the foundations that will carry you through life together.

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This one is a real heartbreaker, but it’s true. We have work, friends, parties, family, and entertainment to keep us busy but our dogs only have us. If we ignore or deprive them, they’re left alone. I know… it’s really sad!

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Dogs know the sounds of our voices, and in the same way that we can immediately tell if someone is angry, sad, or happy, dogs listen for our tone of voice in order to assess the situation. Talk to your dog, and when you do, use a tone that’s soothing and kind.

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You are the star of your dog’s world. So naturally, they will remember how you treat them. When you take time out of your day to love them and snuggle them, they know you care. Most importantly though, it’s our job to keep dogs safe and healthy. And sometimes that looks like giving them a comforting and safe spot to rest, like a crate.

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This is another lesson that is hard to hear but it is true. Remember that dogs are animals and they show aggression and fear by baring their teeth and biting. It’s a natural reaction to something scary like being hit. If they choose not to hurt you, they’re overcoming their natural inclination. But the biggest lesson here is simply… never hit your dog.

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Picture this: you’re calling and calling for your dog to come in, but they won’t budge. You’re frustrated, want to get a move on, and you get impatient. Maybe you even shout at them. Okay, now stop. What’s wrong with this picture? You may not be taking all of your dog’s needs into consideration. Is your pup getting older? Having hip problems? Moving a little more slowly? There might be more to the situation than meets the eye.

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When your companion gets gray around the nose and a little slower on walks, you know your time together is growing to a close. We all age, and as we humans know, it’s a lot easier to do with loved ones at our sides.

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The final commandment is truly heartbreaking, yes. But it’s also the most important. We often hear things like “I can’t bear to see my furry family member cross the rainbow bridge,” and while it’s incredibly difficult to witness, it makes their transition so much gentler if you’re there with them.

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If you have honored all of the 10 dog commandments there is no doubt that your pal has lived a blessed, fulfilled life. While it’s never easy, being at your best friend’s side during his or her final moments is the last commandment any and all pet owners must honor and cherish. Our beloved companions will always be in our hearts and this beautiful Pawprints Remembered Pet Memorial Stone w/ Picture Frame is a nice reminder that our furry loved ones are always with us. “Find