27 Impossibly Inexpensive Products From Amazon Basics That You’ll Want Immediately

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Amazon’s in-house brand is packed with high-quality, well-reviewed, almost impossibly inexpensive products. We’re talking about $20 sets of microfiber sheets, full knife sets for $17, and 48-packs of AA batteries for under $12. It’s a seriously easy way to save big money on staples you’ll use all the time, and these are our 27 favorites.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

You can get a set of dinnerware for six people for only $32.

That comes out to around $1.77 per plate (or bowl). Which, if you’re like me, would make it so much less painful when you inevitably chip half the plates in the first couple months. Check them out on Amazon

You can get a simple, high-quality laundry hamper for $9.

With prices like that, you can store SO much more dirty laundry before you’re finally compelled to break down and wash it. Check this out on Amazon

Only $15 will get you a foldable drying rack.

It’s a small investment to save massive $$ on electric bills. Find this on Amazon

A set of six plush bath towels only costs $18.

Normally I like to give my bath towels the touch-test first (yeah, I’m that guy at Bed Bath and Beyond squeezing towels for way too long), but at this price, with over 2000 great reviews and your choice of seven colors, it’s a heck of a tempting choice. Find these on Amazon

This set of blackout curtains is only $15.

Take it from someone who knows: blackout curtains are awesome. And at $15, you’re spending less than you’d spend on that much fabric alone at Joann. Find these on Amazon

This 14-piece knife and block set is only $17.

Of course, you’re not getting Wusthof quality here. But you ARE getting 17 pieces of high-carbon, stainless-steel cutlery for less than $20. If you’re a college student, or just an occasional cook who doesn’t want to sink a lot of money into knives, they’re perfect. Find these on Amazon

You can get 50 velvet hangers for only $13.

What makes velvet hangers better than those cheap plastic jobs at the dollar store? Well, the velvety texture of the hangers keeps clothes from slipping off, leading to less creasing in your clothes. Plus, they just look a lot nicer. Find them on Amazon

A pack of 100 puppy pads costs only $17.

You definitely don’t want to sink substantial money into things that are literally made to be pooped on. With these Amazon Basics puppy pads, your little fella can relieve himself in comfort at the mere cost of 17 cents per go. Find them on Amazon

Your feet will love this $12 memory foam bathmat .

They’re putting memory foam in everything now. And I, for one, love it. Find this on Amazon

Grab a full set of microfiber sheets for only $20.

With over 11,000 positive reviews, these microfiber sheets might be one of the biggest bargains on Amazon. Find them on Amazon

Stay dry on the cheap with Amazon’s automatic travel umbrella.

At $14, it’s not the cheapest umbrella on the market, but for an umbrella that’s built to last, it’s a bargain. Find this on Amazon

Never spend more than $5 on an HDMI cable.

Expensive HDMI cables may be the biggest racket going in the A/V world, and unless you’re running a cable over long distances, you’ll see no perceptible difference in quality between a $5 Amazon Basics cable, and the overpriced competition. Grab one on Amazon

You can get a wireless mouse and receiver for only $7.

If you’re somehow still using a wired mouse, it’s time to upgrade. Find it on Amazon

Keep your coffee close at hand with these K-Cup drawers.

Designed to fit perfectly beneath your Keurig coffeemaker, these handy little drawers will keep your coffee close at hand, while saving major cabinet space. Find it on Amazon

You can get a dozen legal pads for $10.

Looking to finally start that new novel longhand? Now you’ve got no excuse. Find this on Amazon

You can get a pack of four packing cubes for under $20.

Keep your suitcase nice and tidy with these beloved packing cubes. Find them on Amazon

Keep all of your most important electronics protected with this electronics travel case.

Electronics are expensive. Protecting them isn’t. Find this on Amazon

You can grab one of these cozy leather office chairs for only $90.

Just because you’re working at a desk job, doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable. Find it on Amazon

This $30 cross-cut shredder will destroy six pages at a time.

With over 8,000 reviews on Amazon, this is the most popular shredder since the heyday of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Find it on Amazon

For only $28 you can get this well-reviewed DSLR backpack.

It’ll hold 2 DSLR bodies, 3-4 lenses, and a host of accessories. With how much cameras cost, you can’t afford not to protect yours. Find it on Amazon

Add a quality telescoping tripod to your arsenal for only $13.

This tripod rises to the occasion, boasting a 50-inch height, all-aluminum construction and a svelte gross weight of just 1 lb. Find it on Amazon

$25 will get you one of these plain-jane comforters.

They’re nothing fancy, but at $25, they’re the perfect wallet-friendly addition to all of your guest bedrooms. Find it on Amazon

You can grab this beloved down alternative comforter for only $27.

There’s nothing quite as nice, warm, and cozy as a quality down comforter. Unless, of course, you’re allergic, in which case, there’s nothing quite as nice, warm, and cozy as a quality down alternative comforter. Check it out on Amazon

Give your laptop a lift with this $20 computer stand.

Not only can you minimize neck strain by putting your computer screen at eye-level, you can also block the face of that annoying coworker and get some much-needed privacy. Find this on Amazon

This digital kitchen scale tips the financial scales at only $7.

That’s just too inexpensive to pass up. And over 1400 happy reviewers agree. Find it on Amazon

Stock up on washcloths with this 24-pack for only $13.

Wow, that’s a lot of washcloths. All for a little over 50 cents a pop. Find them on Amazon

Grab a pair of six-outlet surge protectors for only $11.50.

Toss out those old dollar-store power splitters and make the (paltry) investment in surge protectors that’ll actually save your expensive electronics. Find them on Amazon

This pair of insanely popular silicone baking mats will cost you less than $10.

Stop wasting your life scrubbing carbonized gunk off of your baking pans, and follow these silicone sheets to a stick-free existence. Find them on Amazon

Add a kickstand to your tablet or phone for only $10.

It’s a small price to pay to keep your $500 tablet from slipping off the counter. Find it on Amazon

This $30 laptop backpack will carry basically everything you could imagine.

Over 3300 happy reviewers are toting their possessions around in these bags every day. Find it on Amazon

Amazon’s $8 lightning cables are so well-made, you’ll never have to replace them.

Aluminum end caps, rigid silicone reinforcements, and a nylon woven wire. These lightning cables are built to last for years. Find them on Amazon

This pair of Amazon Basics over-ear headphones could rock your world for only $15.

Sure, there’s a whole world of fancy bluetooth headphones out there. But if you’re in the market for a simple pair of headphones you’ll never have to charge, these lightweight ‘phones are perfect. Find them on Amazon

You can take the party with you everywhere with this waterproof bluetooth speaker.

Clip it on your bag, backpack or belt loop. However you choose to convey it, this popular waterproof speaker is the wireless way to take the party with you. Find it on Amazon

This 8-pack of rechargeable batteries and charger will cost you $25, and last you for years.

With 8 batteries on hand, you’ll always have a fresh set ready to power that all-important remote for another month or two. Find them on Amazon

You can get a pack of 48 AA batteries for barely $12.

Over 17000 reviewers tout the longevity of these puppies, which come in at just under 25 cents a piece. Find them on Amazon