The 29 Greatest Things I Ever Bought on Amazon

I’ve been in a committed relationship with Amazon for as long as I can remember, but these are the 29 greatest things to ever come out of that relationship. 29 things I bought once, and have used happily for years.

And you know what? I’d buy them all 100 times again.

You will love our editor’s curated product picks! FYI: We are an Amazon affiliate partner and may get a share of the sale of your purchase (at no cost to you).


This iPhone Case Will Probably Save Your Screen

I drop my phone constantly and the only reason the screen hasn’t shattered into a thousand pieces is this iPhone case. It has a slightly raised rim which protects the screen from hitting the ground. Plus it comes in several styles and colors.


Camera Lens

  via Amazon / PTpab  

I take more photos on a week-long vacation than some people will take in their lifetime, so it’s very important to me that I have the right equipment. This 35mm is the perfect everyday camera lens. Now I just need to sort all those pictures I’ve taken with it.


This Cookbook Will Change Your Life

I am not exaggerating—I lived off of frozen pizza and spaghetti until I bought this cookbook and Chrissy Teigen taught me how to cook. Now I’m whipping up bacon-wrapped chicken stuffed with goat cheese and thyme like it’s nbd. This book gave me the confidence to not only upgrade from frozen pizza but to make truly incredible food.

You’ll Use These Awesome Headphones Everyday

  via Amazon  

Initially, I bought these headphones for an overseas flight but now I use them literally everyday, for most of the day. I love that they can be used with bluetooth so I’m not constantly getting stuck on doors and that I can block out the sounds of my noisy office.

This Desk Fan Will Save Your Life When The Office AC Goes Out

  via Amazon  

This desk fan became an absolute necessity when the cooling system in our office decided to sporadically break down during the hottest few weeks of the year. Super quiet and plugs into a USB port so you don’t have to search for an available outlet.

Save The Workout For The Actual Workout With This Yoga Mat Strap

  via Amazon  

My boyfriend bought me an awesome yoga mat for Christmas that’s super thick so I don’t hurt my knees, but it also didn’t fit into many yoga mat carriers. Sure, my yoga studio is only a four minute walk away, but this mat is surprisingly heavy and cumbersome to carry. This yoga mat carrier has been a lifesaver because it’s adjustable to any mat size and I no longer have to carry my mat on my hip like a baby.

This Airplane Adapter Lets You Use Your Fancy Headphones On The Plane

  via Amazon  

The whole point of me buying fancy headphones was so I could actually hear my movie on the plane, but some airlines have a weird headphone jack so you have to use their crappy headphones. No more! This airplane adapter lets me plug in my own headphones so I can watch The Bodyguard to my heart’s content.

Get Yourself A Crock Pot ASAP

  via Amazon  

When I am not cooking recipes from Cravings, I am tossing food in my Crock Pot and walking away. I don’t know how I lived so long without one of these but it really makes my life easier and this one has a sealable lid so you can take it with you.

This Cork Yoga Mat Is Basically Perfect

  via Amazon  

Okay my bf and I are weirdos and unknowingly each bought the other a yoga mat for Christmas. I picked this one for him because it’s made of cork which for whatever reason he thinks is the coolest material ever. Plus it’s a little bigger than a typical yoga mat.

Stay Organized With This Recycling Bin

  via Amazon / C-Funk  

Where I live, you have to separate literally all of your trash, so for the main things we have this three-part recycling bin. May not seem like a life-changer but before this we had bags of trash everywhere and it looked terrible.

Feel Like A Kid Again With This Cereal Dispenser

As a kid, my boyfriend always wanted one of these cereal dispensers he’d see in hotels on family vacations. Now we have one because we’re adults and we can have (mostly) whatever we want.

Get Unforgettable Shots With This Gorillapod

  via Amazon  

I refuse to settle for average travel photos, and sometimes getting the best shot demands a tripod. Most tripods are either too bulky to travel with or too expensive to afford, but the Gorillapod is inexpensive and flexible.

These Mixing Bowls Are The Best Ever

  via Amazon  

Not only do these mixing bowls have a non-skid bottom so they don’t slide around, but they also each come with a lid so you can easily store leftovers. They really are the perfect mixing bowls.

This Is Not Your Average Electric Kettle

  via Amazon  

In my house, we make a lot of tea and (still) cook a lot of pasta so we’re always using this electric kettle. That’s why when I bought one I wanted one that would look good on the counter and not one of those ugly plastic ones.

This Moisturizer Will Solve Your Skin Problems

  via Amazon / Anne  

I’m one of those people who’s #blessed with acne-prone and dry skin which makes finding a moisturizer nearly impossible. Renewed Hope In A Jar has transformed my skin, no joke. It actually gives my skin the moisture it needs (no more dry, flaky skin) but doesn’t feel greasy and cause breakouts.

This Travel Wallet Has Room For Everything

  via Amazon  

A friend recommended this travel wallet to me because it can fit not only your basic things like cash and cards, but also has enough room for your passport, boarding cards, and your phone. It’s amazing and comes in tons of colors.

Keep Your Feet Under Control With This Shoe and Foot Deodorizer

Summer time =  sweaty, smelly feet. I’m sorry. Thank god for this shoe and foot deodorizer that keeps all that funk under control.

Keep Everything Fresh With This Air Purifying Bag

  via Amazon  

This charcoal air purifying bag absorbs odors and allergens to keep your home smelling and feeling fresh. Throw one in your closet, your car, your pantry, bathroom, or wherever for a natural odor eliminator.

This Packing Cube Set Will Change The Way You Travel

For a long time, I was a packing cube skeptic, but once I finally tried them out I saw the error of my ways. Packing cubes really are as great as everyone says and will finally keep your suitcase organized. These come in six different colors.

Keep Your Partner Happy With This TubShroom

My boyfriend loves me but he does not love that my hair covers literally everything in our apartment. I can’t keep from shedding but at least in the shower I can easily collect my hair in this Tubshroom and keep the drain from clogging.

Ease Muscle Pain With This Foam Roller

  via Amazon  

This foam roller is great for deep massages to ease muscle pain, or for strength and flexibility exercises. Comes in various lengths so you can choose what’s best for you.

Get Your Weekend Started Early With These Whiskey Glasses

  via Amazon  

These whiskey glasses come in a set of four and are perfect for whiskey, sure, but also for mixed drinks when you want something a little fancier than your everyday glasses.

Have You Played Exploding Kittens?

  via Amazon  

This hugely successful Kickstarter project is now a super fun card game. Exploding Kittens is great for parties and when I can’t get anyone to play Monopoly with me (which is always).

These Drinking Glasses Are Perfect For Summertime

  via Amazon  

These Mason jar drinking glasses have a lid, straw, and handle so they’re both cute and practical. Science shows lemonade tastes 67% better when served in a jar and common sense shows it’s 76% more adorable.

How Cute Is This Sundress?

  via Amazon  

This super cute halter sundress comes in ten summery patterns and is very comfortable to wear, even when it’s approximately 1000 degrees outside.

What’s Not To Like About This iPad Case?

This iPad case is just like the much more expensive Apple version, but for one-third of the price. Comes in 16 different colors, it protects your iPad and props it up so you can watch movies hands-free. I’ve had mine for five years and it’s still in great condition.

Spy On Your Pets With This Dog Monitoring Camera

  via Amazon  

Use this dog monitoring camera to keep an eye on your fur babies, or to show your coworkers how cute your dog is in real time! Comes with night vision, an alarm, two-way talking and yes, I guess you can use it for human babies too.

These Anti-Chafing Bands Will Save Your Thighs

  via Amazon  

Summer is all fun and games until you remember how much your thighs are going to rub together. Which would be fine if it weren’t so dang uncomfortable. These anti-chafing bands will keep all that friction down so you can wear sundresses in peace.

Up Your Backyard Fun With This Slackline

  via Amazon  

I will never be able to master a slackline but that doesn’t mean I’ll quit trying. This 57-foot slackline also comes with tree protectors so your backyard fun doesn’t do any lasting damage.