Air travel is a pretty miraculous invention.

Not only do planes move big ol' crowds of human beings from one place to another through the air, but those same aircrafts also seem to somehow bring out the very worst in nearly everyone they service. Like, emotionally.

C'mon. You've felt it. You know.

Here are thirty-five times air travel made people get hilariously bizarre on planes.

Man...what were they thinking?!


Honestly... I would have done the same.

Looky Looky!

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This is it. This is as happy as Nick Offerman gets.

Bold Claims

Alright. But also, I feel like present-day plane hijackings typically aren't done by people interested in keeping the planes afterwards...

It's Gotta Be a Hat...Right?

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Right? Right?!

Uh Oh

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Not. Good. News.

How Awkward

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I know the eyeroll whilst facial massaging is what we're laughing it... ...but also, her lips!?

Gobble Gobble

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That's a what sandwich?! Bro...

And Then This Happened...

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I have so many questions... ...and my heart can handle answers to literally none of them.

Looks Like Someone Paid the Overweight Baggage Fee

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Also, though, is it just me... ...or does that statue have a mustache?

Not Helpful

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And just like that... ...flying over anything but ocean became terrifying.

That’s a Lot of Leg, Brah

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I just want to give that dude on the left a hug. And slip the dude on the right's fingers into a glass of warm water.

Duh Nuh

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Duh Nuh. Duh NUH. DUH NUH!

Money Problems

Trap people between an insanely long security checkpoint line and a delayed flight and these $5 bottles of water just sell themselves! #Capitalism

Best Friends In the Making

Passive aggression on fleek, brah. Aren't strangers the BEST?! *eyeroll*

Thanksgiving Drama

Girl... Check yourself.


Seems fair. Annoying, but fair.

No Smoking

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Katy Perry IRL

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Risk suffocation or be exposed to plane germs? Yeah, I'm makin' the right call.

Ma'am, I Think You Forgot Something...

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When Famous Stand-Ups Fly

Oof. Classic.

You Heard Me, Spread 'Em

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No, wait, I take it back. I TAKE IT BACK!

This Broad Again...

Let's be real...Thanksgiving is always just drama drizzled with gravy. If you disagree, you're doing it wrong.


Dude. Be better at personal space.

Whitney Cummings Slaying Per Usual

Preach, Whit. Preach.

Planes Are Not Trash Cans!

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Flight attendants literally walk up to you regularly asking for your trash, and this is where your gum ends up? No words.

Catchin' a Few ZZZs

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And also probably warts. But life's a give and take.


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Parenting Fail

Okay. Now my heart is broken.


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Ew to the fact that he's airing out his stinky shoes. Ew to the fact that he's only shielding his own nose from the stench. Ew to all of it.

Play To Win

A game I could win? A game I could win!

Stranger Danger

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I mean, I guess she seems fine with it? I would not be fine with it.

Droppin' Mad Truths Yo

Wait. I need to know this woman.


Omg. This is my worst nightmare.

Bai Luggage

Oh, you thought we'd keep your baggage safe? Aww, well aren't you a cutie.

When You're Finally Honest With Yourself

Let it go, girl. You do you.