The 9/11 Dog That Led Blind Owner and 30 Other People To Safety

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Stories of heroism are still coming out about 9/11 – which was nineteen years ago today.

This deadly attack was carried out by the terrorist organization, al Qaeda, who ultimately took the lives of nearly 3,000 innocent people and injured 6,000 more.

A total of 4 airplanes from major U.S air carriers United Airlines and American Airlines were hijacked and flown directly into targets. 2 were crashed into both towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, another was crashed into the Pentagon in Washington D.C, and the final flight was crashed into a field in Pennsylvania after crew and passengers valiantly fought back against the hijackers.

There were hundreds of people working on the floors above where the planes hit, and those who weren’t killed instantly by the impact were stranded in their tiny offices with nowhere to escape the rapidly burning fire from the jet fuel.

People were seen desperately hanging out of their windows and waving t-shirts and rags in an attempt to catch attention and get help.

People began falling from the windows, plummeting thousands of feet to their deaths. The hardest thing to accept about this fact is that these poor souls were jumping, rather than falling. They were jumping because they couldn’t take the raging heat of the burning towers no longer, and jumping out was their only escape.

This shocked not only the nation but the entire world…

But despite these devastating views, photographers captured chilling images that would go down in our world’s history.

And shortly afterward, the Pentagon in Washington D.C was struck by a third plane. A fourth plane in the terrorist plot was hijacked but thanks to the bravery of the passengers on board, it crashed in a field near Shanksville.

And every year, without fail, we come together to remember those who gave their own lives to try and save others on that fateful day.

And they didn’t stop working around the clock for weeks following the tragedy.

Firefighters from across the state selflessly ran into the burning buildings in a desperate attempt to save as many lives as possible.  

And every year since, they have been commemorated and remembered for their heroic and life-saving actions.

And these heroic firefighters deserve to have their memories remembered just as much as they did nineteen years ago.

And the story of one, in particular, has captured the internet’s heart this week.

She managed to lead owner Michael Hingson, a sales manager for Fortune 500 company Quantum to safety amidst the chaos.

“I heard a tremendous boom, and the building started to shudder violently, before slowly tipping, leaning over 20 feet,” he told the Sunday Express.

“While everything was happening, the explosion, the burning debris, the people in the conference room screaming, Roselle sat next to me as calm as ever.”

“We kept running, and Roselle kept guiding me perfectly. She didn’t stop once. Roselle and I are a team, and I was not about to let her go.”

RIP to this brave hero, and anyone who lost their lives on this tragic day, too.