The Absolute Weirdest Activities People Have Done While in Lockdown | 22 Words

Most of us have been in lockdown for over a week now, and it's becoming more and more clear that this is not how humans were meant to live. We're getting weird. Truly, seriously weird.  It turns out that staying at home is boring. We're all turning to some odd behaviors to keep ourselves entertained. And don't even start on how irritating family members are. When I told my husband "in sickness and in health" I did not mean "24/7 for multiple weeks in a pandemic."

But if there's one person who knows how to make us smile no matter what's going down, it's our boy Jimmy Fallon. He asked the Internet what they're doing with all this boredom. And in true Internet fashion, people delivered. If you're looking for ideas of how to stay entertained (or what not to do) check out these amazing examples of #ImSoBored to get some inspiration.

It all started with Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show: Home Edition.

He's been making home versions of his show to keep the world entertained, and with this hashtag, he truly hit a gold mine. A simple ask: "Tell us a funny thing you've done to pass the time in quarantine, and tag it with #ImSoBoredI." But the results are amazing.

It quickly became clear that many of us had straight up lost our minds.

Weirdly many people decided to start organization projects that were 100% purpose-free. You will never use this!

Ok now this is a project we can get behind.

Anything involving cool mustaches should go to the top of your quarantine list. Right now.

Perhaps some of these projects were taken on as a kind of meditation.

It is impossible to count all the grains of rice. You must release your desire to count the grains of rice in order to become truly enlightened.

But other people did try to do something practical with their time.

You could learn a musical instrument! Or at least enough of one to ensure that your child doesn't fail at school. That's fun right?

Someday there will be an entire genre of stories dedicated to "parenting during quarantine."

Many of which will end with WTF? Why is she holding an alligator? Wait, that's not normal?

If the parents aren't ripping their hair out over what their kids are doing, they're fighting back.

And there's only one weapon in the war against children: memes. They must be deployed with care.

Can you imagine being quarantined with a baby?

It must be like a hostage situation. You have to take your joy wherever you can find it, even if that means using precious cookie resources to build towers on your child's head.

Another quality way of creating entertainment out of your children is to offer them an impossible project.

Like opening a can. It's truly a doozy of a riddle. No one in a million years has solved it.

If everything else fails, pretend that your child is the local fauna.

Take a wildlife documentary. Narrate it in the style of David Attenborough. Opine the bad habits of this beast.

Because at least you haven't reached the state of this family yet.

On the plus side, the kid did spell everything correctly, and appears to have capitalized the "I." So, that's something!

If you're not a parent, perhaps you're a teacher.

In that case, the only way to move forward in the face of boredom is to embarrass your students. The best method? TikTok.

You can also embarrass anyone who knows you if you post a video sad enough.

Like this beautiful exhibit of someone playing ping pong with themself. Sad or funny? Both.

But when you're alone you have to use a little bit of imagination to stay entertained.

See how you can transform your home, like this genius who made a faux music festival. Honestly it sounds better than an actual music festival because at this one water doesn't cost $20 and you can just go to bed whenever you want.

If that's not enough excitement for you, you can always do something immensely stupid.

Get out a bike. Create incredibly unsafe obstacles. Add fire. Now go!

Sometimes stupidity doesn't have to come with danger.

It can come with a toilet instead. All the toilet paper hoarding is making more sense now that I know people are pooping long enough to get in a full Rock Band set.

If none of those brands of stupid appeal to you, just be straightforward.

Nothing says "I've lost it" like taping food to your face. On the other hand, those eyebrows are on fleek.

Enough of the goofiness. Now for a project that is truly important:

If you aren't a full master of Ikea you could be by the end of your quarantine. All you have to do is take apart all your furniture and hope it goes back together. Please. Please don't be broken.

Ok, now here's a truly useful one.

You can teach your pet something new! Yes, that includes cats. You may not think they're trainable, but with unlimited time and immense boredom, they are.

Or if you don't have a pet, teach your child.

Just be careful what you teach them. It might have unexpected consequences. Definitely don't give them any skills that increase their mobility.

Some people have decided to do projects on their home.

With all this time you can seriously improve the value of your place. All you need is 50 rolls of toilet paper.

If you're truly alone in your lockdown there are some options for you.

Create a new friend for yourself. The best version of this project is done with your own blood. For authenticity.

Or you could spread some joy.

From six feet away. You do not want to spread germs while you're spreading joy, no siree.

Boredom can lead to some amazing and interesting questions.

Like "what can I put in my hair straightener?" The answers may shock you. But I will definitely use this to pop popcorn in the future. Because it's practical.

Maybe you're more artistically inclined than practical.

In that case you could get some photography practice. Weird art is the perfect thing to do in a pandemic.

Speaking of weird art, let's talk about this Rube Goldberg-esque contraption.

Do you just take it down once you've gotten one clean shot? I don't know if I could bring myself to destroy that much work.

Photoshop also counts as art.

Especially when it produces results as gorgeous as this. I personally like frosted tip Jimmy.

No matter what you do, do not go to work.

Even if it means sending your pet in your place. They've been slacking off their whole life. It's your turn.

Anything you do is better than work.

Even if it's covering yourself in duct tape. We have no explanation for this one, it's completely incomprehensible.

Any form of connection with other people is now the height of entertainment.

Especially if it involves the cute things your pets do, because they are the only thing around that provides novel stimulus.

Speaking of pets...

Irritating the s*** out of your cats is a popular quarantine choice. This cat looks particularly evil with his whisker twirls.

But that cat's not the only evil one.

This cat mom has taken "harass the cat" to a completely new level. Weirdly, they just look kind of bored.

If you don't have pets, annoying and confusing your children is another great option.

Like these parents, who decided their kids needed a fully designed intro page to their new homeschool teachers.

And if the kids keep acting like tiny fools...

Use a taste of their own medicine against them. Get it? Taste?

And then there are the poor, unfortunate souls with no pets or children.

They have to make their own friends. Like this sad orange boy, who will do nothing but smile.

Maybe the answer isn't in waiting for someone else to keep you occupied.

Maybe it's in creating your own fun, like this lovely spoof video.

Or in making bizarre pranks for your spouse.

This toilet man is actually kind of cute. Look at his little cigar. Would anyone else feel like they can't use the toilet for fear of disturbing him?

You could take up a new hobby.

I hear evil laughing is very in. You'll need to practice to make sure you find your own style.

Or you could send messages to your loved ones.

Make it extra valuable by including a little bit of toilet paper. You'd think the ink would deter people from using it, but it won't.

Here's where it starts to get truly buckwild:

This kid actually did their homework. Get ready for the Apocalypse y'all, it's over.

If you want to keep smiling until that apocalypse...

These dogs with eyebrows are everything I need. Try it on your pet.

Or you could just wait for your pet to do something interesting.

What's more fun than sitting very still for as long as possible while staring at a door?

Maybe you want to try recreating the simple pleasures of your everyday life.

Even if that means introducing the pain of the bra just so you get the freedom of removing the bra.

If you're at home long enough, you do start to wonder if your cats really are seeing something you aren't.

Try watching whatever they're watching. See if it gets interesting. It probably won't, but you never know.

If that doesn't satisfy the quarantine itch, you could take up crafting!

This cat looks so happy with his new hat. How utterly adorable.

Masks are a great thing to craft.

Plus you can be as creative as you want with the fabric choice. Express your personality.

Speaking of personality...

Imagination is an important ingredient in surviving lockdown. Even if you're using that imagination to create your own reality TV show in the toy room.

Here's one that will blow your mind.

Read the sentence backwards. Does it hurt your brain yet? Also how long did this person have to stare at the sentence before realizing that?

Speaking of exciting discoveries...

Did you know that your laundry pile actually isn't infinite? It seems unlikely, but this person has discovered the Chair beneath the Laundry.

Other piles are far more amusing.

Like the pile of bushes you hide the walkie talkie in to terrify your neighbors. This is brilliant.

Speaking of brilliance...

Staying sane is all about your approach. Renaming all the rooms in your house lets you feel like you're going new places and trying new things!

People are doing all kinds of wacky things.

But this might be taking it too far. Sure, you could actually do your job, but reading the terms and conditions? Absolutely not.

And now someone's taken it even further.

Absolutely do not talk to the Jehovah's Witnesses. Or if you do, then stay at least six feet away from them.

Now HERE'S a good idea.

COSTUME DANCE PARTY! It does double duty because you have the fun of finding a costume and the fun of the dance party.

You could show off the space you're spending all your time in.

But make sure you've got some production value happening or no one will watch. It's time for Cribs: Quarantine Edition.

If you get truly weird you can start naming things.

I wonder if they felt guilt while eating Split Peter? Does naming it give it a personality?

You could create a fresh personality for your pet too!

A toga transforms Fido into a Roman senator! Et tu Fido?

Absolutely not.

Who decided that they needed this kind of jello? Why? Please no.

Let's cleanse the palate a bit.

No one knows why this person needed to take a video of bacon sizzling, but we're grateful they did.

But in all seriousness, some people are doing really wonderful things.

A care cleaning package for your neighbors is a great idea. We should all try it.