Working in the food industry is one of the most thankless jobs out there. More often than not you're getting below minimum wage and relying on the tips of patrons to actually pay your bills. Add in running around on your feet for hours while dealing with the public, and needless to say, it's not an easy task.

That task is made even more complicated by the fact that people can be idiots, especially when it comes to going out to eat. Apparently manners and common sense don't always apply, as is evidenced by the servers on Reddit who shared the worst things restaurant patrons can do.

DON'T be that person...

Hurry It Up

Do you want it fast or do you want it right? Exactly.

Heavy Lifting

Can you not see that I'm a little bit busy here? The wine will flow freely soon enough.


Tip. Jesus would probably tip.

Name Game

They're people too, you know. Plus, you have a better chance of flagging them down if you actually use their name.

The Blame Game

Oh, you didn't like your sandwich? The one that you ate completely gone?

Give It a Shot

This actually happens?!? Servers should not have to deal with biohazard waste.

Feeling Fruity

To be honest, you might just want to completely avoid lemons in your drinks all together.

Closing Time

Look, they get that you want a night out, but also think about the amount of time the server has already been working that night. If you're two hours into after-dinner coffee and the lights start to go out, take a hint.

Decisions, Decisions

Menus are like convenient food maps that lead you to deliciousness. By all means take your time, but don't take up the time of your server if you're not quite ready yet. After all, that's quite an important decision.

Talking Trash

They have a system. Don't mess with the system.

No Kidding

They're servers, not babysitters. Take those little people to McDonald's and throw them in the McPlay Place.

Phone It In

Yes, everyone has their phone out all the time, but do you think about the accidents that could happen? Just think — if something gets spilled on it, you won't be able to Instagram your meal. (THE HORROR!)

Buddy Block

It's great running into someone you know unexpectedly, but waiters shouldn't have to do the Hokey Pokey with an arm full of trays because you feel the need to catch up. That's what it's all about...

Snap, Snap

So when we combine this with remembering their name, you politely raise your hand and use their name to get their attention. Much more effective than the snap and shout, if you ask me.

Group Effort

This is just a helpful reminder that you're likely not the only table your server is waiting on, meaning that all their attention can't be invested in you. Make sure you're all ready to order and everyone wins.

A Quick Tip

It sounds kind of harsh, but it's reality. Would you go to work for free or just a buck or two? Exactly.

Child's Play

Go ahead and throw those fries on the floor! Mama isn't going to vacuum them up! Yeah, not so much.

Order Up

If you ordered it, claim it.

Getting Carded

Just because you're getting a meal for free doesn't mean the wait staff is working for free.

Spit Take

Okay, this is just disgusting. If you can't go an hour without chewing and spitting, maybe get that order to go next time. Just...no.

Bursting the Bubble

Same goes for gum. At least spit that out in a napkin so they don't have to scrape it off.

Big Spender

Actions speak louder than words. Money talks. Insert third cliche here. You get the point.

Shake It Off

In other words, don't start playing the bevereage maracas to get their attention.

Pardon Me

While they enjoy the conversation, remember that work comes first. And maybe throw in an extra couple bucks if you're using them as a therapist...

Holy Crap

People are awful. That's just disgusting.

Too Late

Yes, considering the food is already IN FRONT OF YOU, it is too late to change your mind.

Phone Home

You know that the waiter is going to be coming to the table to take your order, so plan accordingly. You're not the president. I'm sure the call can wait.

Pardon Me

In general, you probably shouldn't interrupt anyone with your demands when they're trying to start conversation — server or not.

Blame Game

There's always the chance that it was written down wrong — crap happens — but unless you want a resentful server handling your plate of food, approach it like an adult. You get more flies with honey.

That's Crappy

Think about it a minute — would you do that at home? Probably not, but if you do eat with crappy diapers on your table, maybe stay home for your meal.