10 of the Absolutely Stupidest Ways People Have Died

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Death is a horrifying and tragic thing – not only for the person who died, but for their mourners. If death is from prolonged illness or old age, most mourners typically are able to come to terms with the death, since they’d had time to prepare for it. Then, however, there are the sudden deaths, the ones that take you by surprise. These deaths can be understandable too… unless, of course, they’re stupid. Like absolutely, mind-bogglingly stupid.

Here are 10 examples of the worst ones.

You may not believe in alligators, but they certainly believe in you. Also, alligators literally have the greatest jaw strength in the animal kingdom.

For comparison, alligators have 19 times the jaw strength of humans, and prehistoric alligators had double the jaw strength of the t-rex.

Just goes to show even potential doctors can be massive idiots. There were so many things that went wrong with his line of thinking here – the first being the gross cannibalism aspect.

Who drinks out of the skull of a freshly dissected body with “fragments of the inner linings, scalp, and tissue” still there? And for $10? You threw your life away because of the thrill of playing Hannibal Lector? C’mon, my dude…

You know all those “Hazard: Do not enter” signs littered around Yellowstone park? They’re there for a reason, particularly when it comes to the hot springs, which are not only boiling hot but acidic.

More people have actually been killed by the hot springs than any of the park’s other deadly features, which include deadly gases, deadly plants, etc. You name it, and it will kill you in Yellowstone.

Ah, Youtube… It’s changed the game for media, but it’s also made the younger generations stupid in their pursuit of insta-fame.

Monalisa Perez and her boyfriend Pedro Ruiz III thought they would become internet famous with this prank. They did, only not for the reason they thought. Monalisa spent 180 days in jail and 10 years on probation for this crime, which was her boyfriend’s idea. Tragically, their three-year-old daughter witnessed the entire thing…

Honestly, we feel sorry about this one. Plenty of people do backflips every year, and nothing happens. This soccer star is just one of the .00001 percent who was unlucky.

The worst part of this is he was celebrating a win. No one can predict this kind of thing. No one.

The most important takeaway from this is that the glass window probably survived. But also – why would you slam yourself against one – repeatedly?

Also, another thing about this is that Garry Hoy was actually an engineer in addition to being a lawyer. Neither of these things saved him…

Add alcohol and/or youth to the combination and it just doesn’t work. Case in point, this story of a man trying to impress his friends.

It’s not the only one, however. There are several anecdotes of people – usually of the male persuasion, trying to impress their friends by playing with guns. It never ends well. Case in point…

Here’s the thing – even experienced gun owners make mistakes. Everyone does, that’s the nature of humanity. It is especially the nature of teenagers.

Teenagers do dumb things – that is how they learn and grow. But adding guns to this mix can be a lethal mix.

This is literally the dumbest thing we’ve ever seen. Who puts a bomb in their butt? Seriously, who does it? And for why?

This person was going to die anyway – as per their express wish being a suicide bomber – but this is a particularly stupid and obscene way to go.

We have so many questions. Why? How? WTF?

Seriously, how dumb do you have to be to do this? What lapse in reasoning, judgement, and just plain common sense allows this? We can’t even…