The All-Time Funniest Zoom Fails | 22 Words

Few things inspire terror more deeply than the fear of doing something stupid and not realizing your Zoom camera is on. But in this time of working from home, more of us than ever are using Zoom daily. And that means there are more opportunities for one little goof to become the moment that haunts us forever (because the Internet is always recording).

Luckily for the rest of the Internet, we get to watch those moments and giggle to ourselves because there's no way we would ever walk into a Zoom meeting in our underwear. And even more luckily for you, we've found the funniest of all these Zoom fails and compiled them here.

So buckle in (and double-check that your camera and microphone are turned off) because we're about to see some amazing examples of failure. Let's see how badly the internet has failed at adapting to working from home with these amazing Zoom fails.

Rule number one: always know if you are on mute.

Sometimes you have a very private conversation in the middle of class, and if that microphone is on then everyone can hear about how he was messaging other girl.

Now in this case it's unclear if this is a fail or simply a move of epic proportions.

Rolling a blunt directly in front of the camera during class: an intentional power move or the biggest mistake of your life?

On the other end of the spectrum there is this clear example of failure.

I've turned myself into a potato and I can't get out! Help!

There are levels of hilarity to this failure.

There's the first moment of man in underwear, the moment at which man in underwear realizes he's on camera, the desperate run, the run into the wall and subsequent staggering backwards, and then the facepalm. It's a play in less than a minute.

Many of us are learning for the first time how different technologies interact with each other.

Did you know that smart homes are always listening and want to be helpful even in your Zoom meetings?

Stand your ground.

Listen, people love pets. Do not apologize for making someone's day better.

Some coworkers are definitely cuter than others.

However, if this new coworker continues their disruptive behavior, you're going to have to go to HR (their dad).

It's best to double-check.It's best to double-check.

Unless you want your coworkers to see your nude husband. i haven't read very many of those "art of business"-type books, but that feels like a power play.

These kids are crushing it in quarantine.

I would love to have the confidence to sing "I like banaaaaaanas" during a work meeting. I just feel like my coworkers don't understand just how much I like bananas?

Whoa, that's the one where Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior both put their championships on the line.

I think the Ultimate Warrior ended up walking out with both the Intercontinental and World Heavyweight Championships? But since I'm no longer in pre-K, so I have no way to find out for sure.


You know what though? Maybe this teacher needed to hear that. Maybe this brave, unmuted soul saved the rest of the class from another 40 minutes of gibberish.

What perfect timing!

As someone who has to cook for themselves all the time and feels like it takes up most of their day, I am here to tell you that I would kill to have someone demand I get my ass down there for dinner.

Gotta have a snack during class.

I hate to break it to this professor, but the fact that you are teaching in the middle of a global pandemic has already ruined the "real" feel of teaching. Let's just quiet up Breathy McLoudBreath and Chip Smacker McGee, what do you say?

It is pretty funny.

I bet all the bosses got a kick out of seeing your husband's butt! Although, one has to wonder how much productivity would increase if there were fewer butts in the workplace.

Do not judge me.

Finding out where someone lives is so intimate, it almost feels inappropriate to do at work. I should only see how other people live if they invite me over or I break into their house because I am a burglar.

Things have... degraded.

The other day I put on deodorant, and realized I might as well be putting on Jared Leto Joker makeup for how insane a ting that was to do.

Just go down the checklist.

There are certain beats you want to hit on every Zoom call. If you go through an entire meeting where one person doesn't look over their shoulder and start having a conversation with their mic before remembering they're doing a work thing, is it ever really a Zoom call?

Don't be worried.

Remember, time means nothing in quarantine. 3 AM is the new 4 PM. 4 PM is now lunchtime. 1 AM is Happy Hour. Nothing matters anymore.

Excuse you?

Look, the world is going through enough right now. We don't also need to deal with teachers farting.

This is awkward.

Even before the quarantine, I used to go to the movies with my shirt full of Pringles because they don't let in outside snacks. So I am so sorry you have to be inconvenienced by having one Pringle in your shirt for an hour. I saw 1917, for chrissakes.

If they came, I bet they had a great time.

Why are you having exclusive happy hours with your family? Invite your founders! Invite your coworkers! Invite that weird guy from Accounting who used to sell Girl Scout cookies in the office even though he definitely didn't have a daughter. They'll all have a great time!

Happens to the best of us.

Again, this feels like a real power move. Who's going to say no to your request for a raise if you're so confident in your job you just strip sometimes for no real reason?

Our green-skinned friends are having troubles.

The worst part about combining with your background is you can't enjoy the blissful experience of trying to find the perfect background image for your Zoom session. I put up close-up pictures of Chris Harrison's face when I get together with friends on Zoom to watch The Bachelor.

Clumsy, choir. Reeeeeal clumsy.

Not to armchair quarterback here, but what they should have done is all record their parts separately and had one person volunteer to edit together, pitch correct, and sync up the entire song. Then they could've just shared the file with Miss Rodriguez over Dropbox.

"We interrupt this meeting for an important news bulletin."

One thing I'll tell you about this kid: he loves donuts.

We take back the "always let your pet be on camera" thing.

When we said before that pets should be allowed to come on your Zoom call and make everyone happy, we did not mean to imply it would be okay for a cat to come on your Zoom call while it's making itself (and its brother?) happy.

That one's for later.

If that senior figure in the PR industry didn't notice your beer, smirk, and pull a beer of his own out of his bookcase, I think it's time for you to find a new industry — one that doesn't employ liars.

So this is how the world ends?

Truly this nightmare creature, birthed in Zoom, will bring about the Destruction of All. Repent, brothers and sisters! (But make sure you're still keeping a safe six feet of distance from those to whom you're repenting.)

Have you ever seen a picture you can smell?

As much as I love cats, I hate litter boxes. They smell so-- not exactly bad, but different. Like, different than you'd think a litter box would smell. I think I'd be less disturbed by litter boxes if they just owned it and smelled like cat feces?

So long!

Me, I'd just be happy to get off a Zoom call without going, "Wellllp, gettin' to be that time..." but then the other person doesn't get it and we keep talking for like another 20 minutes.

Always follow Tip #1.

While we're at it, I'll just go ahead and tell you Tip # 2 right now: don't ever talk about pooping. Just keep all that to yourself.

This is the new social pact.

No one will make fun of each other for struggling to end a Zoom call, in the same way that no one will make fun of anyone for clearly being hungover while on a Zoom call.

We're always learning more and more about ourselves.

Let's be honest here — we're all going to come out of quarantine completely different. Some people will have gained or lost weight. Some people will be a little more appreciative of the simple things in life. Some people will be bison. Our job is to just be accepting.

Goodnight, sweet prince.

Honestly, the weirdest thing to me is that the guy showed up to a Zoom call without a shirt. I find that to be an objective Zoom faux pas.

Feel the burn!

I've been doing an hour of yoga every day since quarantine began, and I bet this mom is going to come out with better tone in her thighs and buttocks than I am.

Sometimes Zoom isn't just about failure.

It's about all the painful things you have to do to adapt to being on film. Please don't make me this self-conscious about my face ever again.

One important note to remember:

Not only can your coworkers see you, they can see what's behind you. Framing is important.

You may have already seen this fail: Jennifer has gone viral.

But it is the stuff of nightmares and we had to include it. If you're going to the bathroom do not, I repeat DO NOT leave your video on.

That was too stressful, let's do something a little more chill.

This is a great time to play with some of the cool features that Zoom has, like all the exciting backgrounds! Just be careful or you may end up with a face filled in by outer space.

Here's another important tip: Zoom with people who know who you are.

The communal "oh!" after he spells his name is the cutest thing I've seen on the internet today.

Also important: double check your meeting code.

You could end up in the wrong class...from the wrong country. Not a good look.

This is also the moment that teachers have become completely aware of how powerless they are.

"Miles don't...please don't." But Miles is blowing some serious clouds over there, nice bro.

I fear for the day that I hear "YOUR VIDEO IS ON!"

Because it means that I have just shown my entire naked body to my class.

Being seen naked is punishment enough, but other Zoom fails need some discipline.

Use the Mute button and use it liberally! Do not use the "no green screen" option or you will turn into a hell beast.

Also if you're screen sharing from a Zoom meeting be careful about the information you provide.

Maybe blur out the meeting ID. Especially if you're a Prime Minister.

Some fails are impossible to avoid.

Especially if they involve children. It doesn't matter if you lock the door, those little monsters will find a way to get on your call and say something wildly inappropriate.

And if it's not the kids it's the rest of the neighborhood.

Working from home was supposed to be peaceful wasn't it? Wasn't it??!?!

Speaking of peace and quiet...

You may be at home but you can't act quite like you would if you were totally alone. Make sure you're muted before you rip a giant fart.

Coworkers: just don't point out anything weird on the screen.

There's no reason to be mean like that. We're all struggling right now.

Seriously, these Zoom meetings are a struggle.

Let's all talk at once. That would be fun, right?

Speaking of talking when you're not supposed to...

Leave your cutesy pet talk for when you're no on the meeting. Or at least when you're on mute.

Here's an example of someone doing it right:

Run for that mute button before the bad noises hit. Only the mute button can save you now.

Or maybe you don't want to mute, just to give your coworkers a taste of your life.

See what I deal with every day? This is why I'm always so stressed out.

Your fail might be truly adorable though.

Now the whole world knows that she loves her spouse. Which may be lightly mortifying, but is also truly sweet.

One of the biggest benefits of working from home is multitasking.

This mom isn't about to waste time while she's on a call: she's getting hair done. The teacher's reaction is truly hilarious.

Other teachers aren't adapting quite as well.

This guy has no idea what to do when students start to act up. It's particularly funny since he could mute the students.

On the other hand, the students may not intentionally be pushing the teacher's buttons.

Sometimes you just forget that teach can see everything and you just HAVE to send a dildo.

We should probably cut our teachers some slack though.

They are not doing well at setting work/life boundaries now that they're working from home. Go to bed!

At least they're being honest though.

Weird times call for weird measures, which means grading might a little more lenient this year.

If all of this makes you too nervous to use Zoom...

You can always just have your cat attend meetings for you. They're very good at staying quiet, but they may lick their butt on screen. Like this list? Stay tuned for the absolute funniest activities people have done while in lockdown...

Hey have you checked out my Soundcloud?

No? It's ok, I'll just play it here on Zoom. That's what this is for, right?

That's not the only kind of mistake you can make with the backgrounds.

Why not share your personal tax information with the whole family? To be fair, this is definitely better than sharing it with all of your coworkers or classmates, but still not great.

Here is your periodic reminder: PANTS.

WEAR THEM. You never know when you're going to forget to turn your video off. It's safer for everyone if your tushie is covered.

If you don't wear pants, you might be haunted by this Zoom ghost.

The northern lights have eaten away at her face, leaving her a shell of a person.

What is it with these backgrounds destroying people's eyes?

Zoom sees all, and you shall see nothing. Nothing I say!

We've all heard about Zoombombing, but it's a little different when it's just a friend sharing the password.

Because then he can share the very important truth about the B, Carole Baskin.

I will never get sick of seeing people's faces destroyed by the auto backgrounds.

It's still a mystery why some people turn into monsters and others are perfectly normal. Maybe Zoom is judging our souls.

And here we have a glorious hybrid of the face greenscreen and the normal greenscreen.

She is become lizard. All bow before her and despair.

There's something about this one...

Maybe it's the eyes above the raccoon eyes, but it just doesn't seem right. And yet his glasses still manage to cover both pairs of eyes.

Some educational professionals might see this as a failure.

Introducing your dog is not on the syllabus...but every student in the world is calling this a Zoom success. We stan Fiona.

And these kids might be failing the class...

But they are winning at Zoom. Such coordination! What timing! The confused response of the teacher!

Here's a good tip:

If you think the presenter is very hot, that stays in your thought bubble, it does not come out in your speech bubble. Especially if you're not sure whether your audio is connected.

Ok so it's not the greatest thing to be caught in your full spa day get up.

But at least your coworkers know you're maintaining your hygiene, which is more than can be said of many of us in quarantine.

Other audio problems include an echo.

Which, according to this family, can be solved by putting on your official Zoom hat. Make sure you've got one on hand.

If you're typing in the meeting ID make sure you double check the numbers.

You might end up in a room with someone named bear balls, and no one wants that.

This one looks like some beautiful abstract art.

What is even happening in this person's background? Is it a chandelier? Is it the Matrix? The world may never know.

If you've ever doubted the creativity and power of students who are bored, this should prove you wrong.

Pay special attention to the student full on flapping his arms and falling over by the end. That's commitment.

Never before have so many people felt so self-conscious about the shade of their skin.

Wall is me. I am wall. We are tree and nothing will separate us.

What a power move.

This guy is an icon for us all. May we someday have the energy of "I'm just stretching".

Important news: whenever you change something in Zoom, write down how you did it.

You may end up with permanently changed names or as a potato forever. Goofs are forever with Zoom.

Y'all it might be overkill, but again: MUTE button.

I personally like to double check my mute button every 5 minutes, because writing this article has made me paranoid beyond belief. Have I suddenly stopped wearing pants? How will I embarrass myself?

Ok this may not have been the best move for the grade...

But it was 100% the best move for the joke, because this is entirely hilarious.

It's bad enough when you make your own Zoom fail.

But when it's your young daughter it takes on a whole new meaning. Stop video, stop video!

We're all getting a bit of a peek into each other's lives these days.

We just didn't expect to learn quite so much from each other's clothes. This guy's coworkers suddenly know a lot about his personal life.

Now here's a new one.

Green screen fails are common, but has your shirt ever been the perfect color for Zoom to assume it's a green screen? It's an impressive look.


This teacher's reaction to his student's pet is choice. But honesty, who has a pet pig just jumping in on their class calls?

Zoom is leading to some impressive creativity.

It's cheating, but it's also kind of brilliant? Shout out to your buds who will help you lip sync.

Pets can make all Zooms challenging.

But also incredibly cute. I'd rather look at this cat than any of my coworkers. Sorry coworkers.

And last but certainly not least...

How did they even do this? Why did they even do this? I guess everything feels a bit upside down these days.