It's the first of November and I for one cannot believe it. What a year it's been - and it ain't over yet.

Yesterday was one of the most popular holidays of the entire year - Halloween!

And despite much of the world being under restrictions due to this, you know, pandemic thing we got going on, many people still celebrated in style.

But what were the best and worst celebrity Halloween costumes this year?

Well take a look.

Kylie Jenner

The Weeknd

Vanessa Hudgens

Alicia Keys

Snoop Dogg

Kim Kardashian

Conor McGregor

Celine Dion

Kris Jenner


The Rock

Kate Upton

Nick Young

Kerry Washington

Kelsea Ballerini

Cardi B went all out (Of Course).

Taraji B Henson


January Jones

Kendall Jenner

Kanye West

Wiz Khalifa

Gabby Union

Dwayne Wade

Genie Bouchard

Tracee Ellis Ross

Sofia Vergara

Ariel Winter

Jim Parsons

Melissa McCarthy

Billie Eilish

Will Smith

Justin Bieber

Robert Downey Jr

Rebel Wilson

Miley Cyrus

Jennifer Lopez

Paris Hilton

Tom Brady's family


Chris Brown

Gigi Hadid

David Beckham

Dua Lipa

Belle Hadid

Shawn Mendes

Bella Thorne

Sarah Hyland

Chance The Rapper

Heidi Klum

Who really took it to the next level!